Some Chinaman took them from me in Korea. The Big Lebowski (/ l ə ˈ b aʊ s k i /) is a 1998 crime comedy film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.It stars Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, a Los Angeles slacker and avid bowler.He is assaulted as a result of mistaken identity, then learns that a millionaire (also named Jeffrey Lebowski) was the intended victim. In The Big Lebowski (1998) the Dude tells the police he has creedence tapes in his car. I have decided to analysis the use of mise-en-scene in the very first opening scene of… The Big Lebowski (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I’ve watched it an uncountable number of times and I’m still sent into hysterics by every plot twist and eccentric character. Written and directed by the ‘Coen brothers’, it follows the life of ‘The dude’ who is wrongly mistaken for a millionaire, which places him into an intricate kidnapping scheme. According to the character Walter Sobchak, Mr. Then, three nihilists break into his place and demand ransom money, mistaking him for a different Jeffrey Lebowski. ... Nah, Santana is playing in the Dude's apartment but it starts in the shot of them in the car before cutting to the next scene. Check out our other Lebowski-themed stories. Every quote from the famous Is This Your Homework? scene in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. I ... We didn't want to give the impression that we were police exactly. Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman) is The Dude's best friend, and bowling teammate. Walter was raised Polish Catholic but converted to Judaism when he married his ex-wife Cynthia (whose "Pomeranian" Thurston he babysits throughout the film, while she and Marty Ackerman are in Honolulu). L.A. Weekly is celebrating The Big Lebowski's 15th anniversary with a massive cover story tribute! The Big Lebowski: You see this leg, I got it chopped off by some china men in Vietnam The Big Lebowski: I didn't blame anyone for the loss of my legs. Not doing so would be very un-Dude. ‘The Big Lebowski’ is an American film, made in 1998. "STRANDED" In the 1998 Coen brothers' film The Big Lebowski, Branded is mentioned several times in connection with the (fictitious) former writer of the show Arthur Digby Sellers. Home; Scenes Claire's Toast Ma , Meatloaf! Over the Line! Walter has a temper and often pulls out a handgun or crowbar to settle arguments. 10 The Nihilists Interrupt The Dude’s Bath. Every song that plays while in the Dude's car is by Creedence Clearwater Revival Easter Egg. The Big Lebowski is my favorite comedy of all time. At the beginning of The Big Lebowski, the Dude is enjoying a nice, quiet evening in, smoking a joint in his bathtub. You Shut Your Mouth! Sellers wrote 156 episodes, "the bulk of the series" (while in reality the series did not produce even a third that many episodes). We're hoping it won't be necessary to call the police. Full Movie Text. So, here are the 10 funniest scenes in The Big Lebowski. Not only were scenes shot inside the complex, but also on the street where the Dude, while holding a White Russian, is thrown into the back of the Big Lebowski’s (David Huddleston) limo.