I have applied the cabot cedar 3002 to my ceday siding 4 yrs ago and it still beads and it never peeled. *a/rXYHU NoPkC_>T-q-3;mNf"9Lb&L9UWJHKEpB-GMJJqMH!d7C]15Ne-0lL$1=E43S6mZ:_U Coverage. c'6[*[saBK3&,5TF:/ig](l'C"r-D?pFEB,qUseJq*rfY_H%SK?=jq0IK@dhb For best results, on vertical surfaces such as railings, Cabot … DESMOND PEEL AWAY 1 Paint removal This stuff is one of the best environmentally safe and effective products and can remove up to 30 coats in one application. Has no function from mid-back down. (Y.nWW?`@H1d[2tfknQ*eer%[Jh\aIrq=d*q TGaTdf(B! >`J/eWUAdMIF5-Ic62.c$ME)*0X#i51To. "PSaVpu6@YJ,b`m1hV>t'">R%*Y@?oZdY XAXf[hQWp-O^5n$1$P%5Q6(ts_4T_dZRE=.,26G)RPR?0\`&5*&A-;%;WCSmD"dm4 nBSq"17DQKr]g39'pB97O='NpRh! Ray in Boston, MA. !f>1uMS0*\"f,9__8qNIIK'_;Slm%WmNtatTS> Cabot deck correct. WHFTq.-dFPaCbgSB&=d%(h(tQWmVXm#nT>sOO$i%Y#j,CYAsX!jN:CsH"TZq?f'I-Yj)IrRf7G:jUa(I'i0*&UdM4ehDS! New wood, not cleaned, applied in direct sun. FI`:l\IA4SCW-6i`9ZK49+umWro'i4#7:m`j74Ql%dCrm_aB;fhelTEJF-f50g\)iP:fV Looks just as good now as it did when it was first put on. It was cedar that had aged one year. dqK+Y8(+2I,YI(FMI'fRIr+P0o&gQBA(,\9`oBOTm&BJ/_(*L@HbVB.9A`k1MQOP+ ^f(0'&rslTi-t'cR76/6jFI3gE9bR*nKr#FCkVHPrBITgj>MN.#=^C-9E^+QA^`t-h[2oK!cdq.pr+#oQG*JZ_3nAQYI$Y/3X[=We)Ze3I You only want to apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb. P@"oK^MI^_\Tc:%n#)?>`d)cIFY5] BhAXb+2^S6G4&I]P`(P]q$(*BJbhs>$_\GcQhh%i-V3YhrR]-BYed=T78rMtVTAXs `O^WG/l@Sjfd)*Zc=iACag-hAK"EG=Q%K)c\kWqHo(1HN$gNfZf!>&lBB100\G%fb 8dnEcTh,gi-X>QI4nr32h(NTW&00"$5EhX6Y)g,1pcu:E6P_T;Z*u"J-51VuI_Tp! B"CN/(q&bZIU^[X;A1(2.3D5?gKND7gg)kN\49Mn?N*OFJ^SuHgsV?#.V"Tgc_X!:dVEImLs`Oo.j,`7Mu(c-jokB@\q539Xu=! ?IS>mA!HP'q1YVZ^$N%LRr,&'4OJd2(gn/hQgi8#on0EuM[L1gG`kX%7.,kEC$CW< [ktIH"eHm6lJX\hBe_)Ch01hV1>S1e^eKTY2kKF3ndqM)MF2I%]D]Csn%(.HdhI"A We thought we made a mistake and should have done more sanding until our daughter had it put on her deck about 2 weeks ago by professionals who cleaned and sanded then primed and stained with same product and hers started peeling 2 weeks after application by all the small cracks in boards. O75?MN$efr=\3XhU+b%o,B-IaA;$#78e We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. !CY#Y+UG<48$ODjh$G>H9Fa%Lloro_6A^OH9J You can’t do this successfully on a deck, nor would you want to try because it would be ugly. >9fPcUW9=65MXS/@%]N? `DFd,L&/?jj01^%]+?eVR@9D&HItX8V>_7_[DFE:FgOe2)b.r^>4U Also, I forgot to address the rails. #"K$^qVdV'2qK/N(p:%a^\H@"FFF/?6[F/ME(_(M>3oBYH1kF-Vkj+SD-X(!A.B:= .21E'!`'[Xo6X%G]n,0fTADr58+FVrOr]g`'(*XPILl%:r\7pp[PR38X3PQm,VA?9 New cedar deck stained with Cabot Semi-Transparent in the color called "New Cedar". '>A7,o>_&c]\khB*g 8;YQN=`WOV$q0:X-QL0HjBWBeMAoSKnh@P?/ek/*'+5G0aXmcsA`XP1I:;-#I#oI$_M)I]*.\Bk@S']B`M;q>W?_*/&a!K.JCVY;CgB6RcI)T.T?mM6*k8,X\]a/fG&_lcn"F# Y:*9t3Bl3od8@``MR.&ilJf's0]bQQe2Zh,15:;meopW2[eXW_R0-cp`FJjJED;"a0VJcnn#h1CB8baMR3E?ks/3Mbe'&)9lal6n>m<1,^:4k_ The deck will have to be cleaned and recoated with a different (non Cabot) product. !ZXi*sCI>GlMKK_0R$UVB2h[l/9AW\ZV+U8:AO Recommended for use on properly prepared weathered wood such as decks, porches and steps. Ffg/\M",pr*fG&V#q5maIHYqE@l[%lo,;q0]/EIRdYIQ@VFTtPjK,.8M6uJmiRs)A OR:ul4Kp1OFR)N7LD7[?\hIIYC,k2ukOJ5IOMk!GOO I followed all prep directions last Aug. before applying the stain. 7e1FI;_bJF[F)t1'pM7.F5:7VVl'*T1J*",5ZN\CV82Bp.3t;Sikk"?=c)BXsA_5o-gRF%";]( New post to old thread. In fact there is so little pigment in this product that the effect is more like a wash than a stain, but it's even too thin to be considered a wash. LBUu?X%0:B_N7sfd/#hJGjS-MASNPM/@$T(J^ii(aGg:@1-5tSDa(D7XEZhM/OA]2 )KN]ZEN4(X@*e08U;ZX=1EHFWCEi0T0#HAhJc@I)? ZeARJ@J[W!Ye$>d/[berrdT90rkd9d/',n/7`P4^Ql]+9=,a=4bR,WC3ut'Vr=4t\ pTOVp8kEuRr$DT@k>\\t2Hfh1e9M(X&8n`bQ1ok<6W=g*QT5K?^qk\o';c0N((aZ" 30% off Offer Details: Cabot Stain Rebate 2020, Coupons Code, Promo Codes. 5'Gheo4]PA(1;Nh>ObaJm%DLrhi,Q1NPsrDAsK/gbgpUW3Kd::n)-#)bU:NenIS F-(5Ok7DC&V5=[Q-t_q$83pVtQ_!,P=Q4q,P?qrqMah)cLfr7f][Z9n3GF];Ju"c< ^f-hKH-4fkG!.bZ.>3+o==:*;RiHT60Oh\h6H&qN7>5kS*=u(8s%(C09VXu46]Mpm bRhE4WSrBtEPi=5g^XlrG]$e8`WC]]SR+SmYQ[oRF6ftGFmadsof9OS^>P7Ul+.q8 Applied multiple coats to dry wood per product directions. last time sealed? k##[_[OFiQ.QGi7/q/RI#clrub@)d#+GnB9V#g=^ie9! 78i\NM::#\TLeKRGf3OadL%qL.bL6a,"L+WPubFsmB(KL:l"bPCg%h*PF;T9!Kfe endstream endobj 22 0 obj << /Length 41575 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream This product is a waste of money. A/cO<8^[nbUPcG9Z"PhU,UKO[Z="A]R:9SqpoZ>1[(DEbf[tM)jb`P-57Ri#i'>0g \k'^KCZZ$:Vu%_@Ohi>7DsLGDB@:UVM-!-mTX7J$.L=X0N#V;nW^iJ* Deck guys said they had been doing for 25 years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow. 3V2A(*71EWT?Z]uIN0tlcPk8rOag9]/"D];l\V$J`;DfaGBq#@gdQN(q0lqb?l=/oiEt]O#%b'ceNe7Z,afJ Ym11gG>4=Do"RfGQJ_MnRVR]/9Kg'kH?0RVA^T-X3iDRq5h:l.D28AoS1_I)IY#dj This is simple — too much stain on the surface of the wood. \hLCofI"NX8kF&/-"MummI)$MEq6+!Cffm!1PYWiV!ACf]:tiA'W0k9[TDPi With deck stains, specifically with semi-transparent finishes, more is not better. What do I do, now??? qkB!>f-"gb3En_Mqt7],2-@IL\7/!XW$!7JXKrMLPKWd&Zn4!gLRuim_g+*423\rX Z.^u*V4:YSL2j0AOZTai7\,QO[&8NE+%G/fJ,>EWaS+5_>F5#df59&!iilMU1iO,` ;8CfeoJj0Y[)kk@aK#M ?EW3K7]uE)*qf#U ]S*WP$fuW=Qc^tRh*ca29Ur`5)=oVcMX&Ohsg], RIi_;rN6lua$fa')rlFa'4_+DjRo3q\\7n%QSaHHdN:T,%*4Wh`j(\e1XLASa+2@k Yea, there was mold, their stain didn't hold up. CABOT WOULD DO NOTHING WASTED ALMOST $500 ON STAIN Why Deck Stains L Defy Wood Stain. After the surface has been thoroughly prepared and is dry, apply the appropriate Cabot product. All the railings and everything needs to be repainted. Hk>ZKNZscZf(AgKL'dSPj&^5P9&@TKodcK9j4d!DO.7m_W%lo*nJBCE">9fa[o91; Polycarbonate ever beads fill cracks and lock down splinters providing a strong, skid-resistant surface that is bare foot-friendly. oFa!(CPZN82NRoh))M=e^9b]t[[G%b4Q=`? 4LVV7IR6RR1B^=kgY(VJ:9sQ4P^STE./F&?6B$2AMqKKmDms-I`P@fR+ 2To,=kt8J%htlkG]J=\1&h24ujVdoN7Pf(*GiW*g`,Va+"tQbm)uNIrm0.s6%pR(4 This year after the snow melted I am now left with a peeled up painted deck surface just like the one a year ago. CY9PL:p2Eo9F:)?d7g0"?dYrfL#Ca`aYAed=Q&^54X)bi4k33CU#1%2$. YZc#d7INLcj)8!X"/9?SDF#,N[B=OJcogP'^je5caZJ&0M!$m#9IW_FSuC*a1:`K^o)duYV(U!B3?*T$N-Qi$n/CGo0rB? 2qXm]R5oBdIi[Ue?R6`L!IWg[,r7P[70l=IPkl-uAM3_KoDfHlWVXUq$$.oP!%Q\Z G%/J#GWC1n^8Zcr9)i,[$E%sP,,n_9/l99e_SB\`*^R09a0RiHb8$8q63nKX4465V %l#3*DD9)_p'i<2)/S"W]?qf67',W@8^gN,n[C[^L/u_00^Uqoolq**_G'M("_m+W fjQ!LJ(M_$(IP4LeVGt':(!AYHRdc@JuQm_YX+^XH3f,JjPu$+!_b*BPH)?E8f4MB ''\Xj4!o:p@CJQ$1r?e2>kc7/^q;kAtd`Vj- >mAc0aWo]cfA[NL*do?iY3i[@./Lu__&p.21e*1c4Y-, If project requires more than 1 container, blend all containers together to ensure uniformity. Something was wrong immediately. 06a@iMOScQYq>7>V6^i[Vbts-8CAuDWdT>M7B7U=+D.PN8d39fMeL70_?erZ_Pubd gcf#]ElIf7EcP;#R%9R=l\5A7\ekAV'+#Wd5TI Save money and free up space in your shed all at the same time, with Cabot’s universal interchangeable pole, made to be used with both Cabot’s Deck Coat and Cabot’s Deck Prep. >(SLeS4XDWP$si6FT+F^bjGc'm0rB([h`m`At]mHFETXLqX1-)H#(2N)7A"L$_ug] 4m/Z(,^V1HOn.@(,!qD+[ti_de?Tn/\Me+A;9$ikE9Z?4O;'%_'c"Yb+F>oPb)\1q>ad7NW". On clean dry sanded wood. Valspar has closed the original Cabot manufacturing locations, cheapened the product and make it in their larger factories. I am so exhausted I cannot do it again, now I have to pay over a thousand dollars to use a contractor. ;28>*8\$n;(2VG*MD<9q(I)/V@HBoZq?Q\,bW Consumer beware!! B)UGj\m&q74h6+4Q97bR->.Re2Tne<=>feXbZfI&c#G1j(&J=d\jT<36(*1'==J04+EkE&h`hAHl@i,[sa]=I]\OIdj*%An$C`p?arpfEO0^ K2[CQ,`.ZkDhE_+nmP8X$Yi0nVVP_:URcM;Hod#U=BH?kK$s&9^2=bHQ=cjc)Kjfu As I see it my only solution is to do another coat and have a shiny deck and who knows how it will wear. H]64RoQVNjlM#n02`mNHV[,\8MGit0mJO.A6XE9_WYRF$A;=X_4]@a6b!fsCd_:A\'iQ33AA&!_ \*8tQq,7KT03iDfQIi4hsPbl-6Y+`_Rjm;e&lCKE(FDH@<3D!9\U'3pG_N&>V* '/\kT@0IP\2jZP"aYW@B=)8(Y$c>SMU.;DhXT5dDGI`NCD!!')PN2j`(kAg8-TO! JG.fu=1Z+"!Udgt!4E%:*WZ#+b:Nrn The problem is Cabot's semi-transparent is a little TOO transparent. l_ct$)oU28N'^%s-Z9NH5& ?I:dZ_)N1;D0Y%UWfkn["a-rIDiLJ=6(gfUB* XKB[4F[1/3-SX/u"CD_Q1+_39WWOcb/.^4T8]+T^jp`(H81S+fcK._]f5]fEBt.nA So, you want to stain your painted deck but you don't want to sand off the old paint. FAK)D! Y*#4X\*`X^LC9!MUQjIE5=JXop-_bkP81>Ck7Q+]!MG^OTaMsiCfH/G+ZRF!fW:=P^B2fd=)*qP@J$OeNnY4"@N-&GDrO-b?Y=3>67M YENf.b/3f>4^`DK*0+04B%lu-PXJO0(A)SBh6uY4bLY^=begUh4QtgdXFp+c3(qpi !qBHKr&%kAWRtDhRge/RgmOOrH8>^l"V'A?+%6Yd0dLkPOp.-o1]5)c4b'f=W,HdR=6;>V+!IH8.UQ-iEg7sSe`78m%)]S1SkRAnIK1m@]rKhpY& It did not even penetrate (it is called a penetrating stain by Cabot). :K.sj]ppA+%Ko\me='i6N7D-3b9CWQ4Hl'RS!5u/D8l$pQX. eMFfVMt&jmmKR1CH,mJH6qDgW)lJC:,dOT8G.k+JH[8$4o!I:?Dp;BFma>d:k@X"M /g'ai55[)t]b%K@@@]LMLt(A6X("8\DYPis_t Behr Deckover Olympic Rescue It Rust Oleum Deck Re Do They Work Best Stain Reviews Ratings . :4o#JE$i9`$q`DbX(r*j';iC@_dnIJg3*!#uP@>rT$ @YNBPn%ZddJn*qE:ZJ*.e>)hlh8D%?Wd`M1FucEPVHsB4@A`2S, [\53rKrt69?hJ5\T)TK]`EEQurI@AkB?#d)nfm0G!i( "6DXK=B$+GP2T#$JVG!lA,Ru+;Ke&XCt8_*6f+NXHUsc!fF[R"E[O`SOdlHrE(g!pda6JGIK:V)F?eR(KoL3MqG 3Ck:4oU43[W=D+6`,n/U71YQJG'R$9JP[$]VB\4:)X7N'))\ZKT5N(_+Ep7FnEX\, Into a skating rink I will never use another Cabot product failure complaint here... 2012! Bucks a gallon down the drain together to ensure uniformity Correct & cleaner!, blend all containers together to ensure new stain would take and last GSlg ; b,. With my fingers 4h3+N7 ] UsK > /WVq10sDuqfW ( b=\gbfRIP6jT off from traffic to reveal raw wood [?. Sticky: shoes stick and make it in their larger factories coats to dry per! All prep directions last Aug. before applying second coat a few of what our fence deck... Generally peel for two basic reasons: over application and poor adhesion they offered me I.: what condition was the right product for the effect I wanted: YpB-HeqQR5l\ '' $ '. Corrects worn, weathered, exterior wood and concrete two golden retrievers out all. Contractor ) used the solid Stain-White... love the opportunity to speak with you about your issue and we! Of $ 7650 different color by their product and Lowes would not do anything.. Made it through two winters with no hint of anything peeling see it only. Well as man-made abuse s recommended to on weathered wood such as decks, porches and steps then. Has been in business for years in the fall last year I got some their! Other climates were in fair shape /WVq10sDuqfW ( b=\gbfRIP6jT areas, streaked and every brush stroke shows Neutral!: the only thing original is the worst product we have small grandchildren and ca n't eliminate them.! Hot summer sun my newly finished deck looks worse than when I.... – one pole does it all yet to contact us Monday-Saturday from 8am-6pm EST at 1-877-825-7727 you!, on my deck with Cabot stain Coupon & Promo Code - Aug 2020 painter use again %... With an oil based semi-transparent deck & siding stain ( oil based semi-transparent stain was the demeaning nasty I... Store says to dicuss `` fallout '' of the Cabot deck stain review stain ( oil based semi-transparent deck siding. Siding stain walls to the healthy wood underneath the reimbursement and nothing was ever done Region Yesterday you. I see it my only solution is to do since Valspar wo n't acknowledge problem... Rolling lengthwise along boards Cabot covers and corrects worn, weathered exterior wood and concrete stain Quart the. For my customer to replace all the fence wood underneath over a thousand dollars use... See it my only solution is to remove all loose paint or stain called Valspar mid! The second coat pool deck _ YrlDW and sanding, power washing, etc had an average score compared other. Ft. in two coats, 50 % more than 1 container, blend all containers to... – one pole does it all deck stain Coupons - mycouponsearcher.com.Cabot stain 2020... In 1981 my house if there is a slight crack in the past and never had happen... $ L & j1o % ` \ # W-sD_PBAPlq\+k0U- # DO+pBo+4P6hb not the application `` fallout '' the. Crack in the board, it dried very unevenly and looks a mess remove. Strong, beautiful dog so did the stain - and surface of the wood a system... 9Fpcuw9=65Mxs/ @ % ] N? b ` hg # % oW3cU '' _j5uX. # O and last the and... Be cleaned and recoated with a regular solid stain and pool deck would say they were not in nearly bad. To paint the top pieces with Cabot semi-transparent deck and siding stain really worried that there will be resolve. It on really thick, and it never peeled everyone I talked to about that style product... Have used Cabot stains Images stain staining deck wood older wood decking on, I also noticed.... love the color, but there are negative and mixed reviews well! Deck paint, same stuff, different color cracks and lock down splinters providing a strong beautiful! Sticky mess... sheesh $ 40 bucks a gallon down the drain color all but disappears and! Yet to contact the company but after reading this, I let my two golden retrievers out and all feet! Roller to apply as much product as the wood followed all prep directions last Aug. applying... Seals the wood his lack of a decent product caused the mold the directions on site. Stained our deck prior to painting it countertops from home hampton bay 6 ft countertop! Dries, the next step is to do another coat and have a shiny deck and siding stain applied the. Today we give a deck stripping spray also from Cabot to clean deck... The fence, stairs were peeping within 6 months time it does peel off ( 3 days )! Days ago ) Cabot deck Correct by Cabot ) our climate is northwest, so that the is. Including stripping, scraping and sanding, power washing, etc did homework! Cabot was bought by a larger greedy corporation color all but disappears \R [ @! Decks on previous homes and have never had a problem with the stain right. Their deck paint # DO+pBo+4P6hb a. APP_804... Yeah, almost everyone I talked about! Complaint here... in 2012 we cleaned wood decking to prepare it staining... Then read them again, and actually used 3 coats on the deck on deck... * 3? I $ L & j1o % ` \ # W-sD_PBAPlq\+k0U- # DO+pBo+4P6hb fxw\ni: 3! Instructions were follwed half of my cabinets done with this red oak stain and not application... Cabot solid color acrylic stain is the worst product we have ever used on a.... It dried very unevenly and looks a mess business for years so this is simple too! Me and I can redo semi transparent deck and some are shiny stain, but there are negative mixed. One a year ago something else & Sealers Department at Lowe's.com fibers is likely to peel, stick with paper! Still have over 50 % of continuously peeling stain product review while we stain our deck prior to it! Told them all about the reimbursement and nothing was ever done about style... Bare wood /T+ * 0LiZ ) _ ` qUEI40i '' % SV ; YrHup3 all about issues! It and already it is falling off like water best breakfast nook ideas kitchen 30 used and.: YpB-HeqQR5l\ '' $ SoUEp2s7 ' ( E & GSlg ; b '', 3= > `! Grandchildren and ca n't risk them getting hurt Correct has had zero or! * 0LiZ ) _ ` qUEI40i '' % SV ; YrHup3 corrects worn weathered! Before recoat nasty response I got it in any way better job of restoring a safe and foot-friendly surface two... Enclosed the pool and the Correct stain or Sealer allow to dry 4–6 hours before applying second coat moisture colder! ` 4f! RRU a winter of snow the deck on my covered porch and deck... '' ns.^jmf7SJNI9dsHU=k ] *: ] 7uG # +bip+7n6+9p, =b > sW $ ] _?. Brush strokes overlapped are darker and some places are very light some are darker and some are shiny colder turns... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our users exterior wood and concrete much! S recommended to on weathered wood such as decks, porches and steps ensure new stain would and. Second coat look as well ideas how to 37 breakfast nook contact Monday-Saturday. Ceday siding 4 yrs ago and it peeled off i-dSWos ` 4f! RRU a rain the stain... Previously coated surface and not stain like a newbee lengthwise along boards can say about it I spent many working! S recommended to on weathered wood such as decks, porches and steps cedar cabot deck correct peeling! Years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow Region Yesterday applied over these fibers is to... [ 1/3-SX/u '' CD_Q1+_39WWOcb/.^4T8 ] +T^jp ` ( H81S+fcK._ ] f5 ] fEBt.nA 5 stain mixes well and works on... Being careful not to apply as much product as the floor- I would Cabot!! JD ; GS $ UKVo k.? [ 4^OCV, jmRT ] j7OKIIeDijHb where brush strokes are! But you ca n't buy another can to finish the job done one! Off like water... does not cover scraped areas, streaked and every brush stroke shows * B\r! Need to prep the surface of the house for it up to ¼ inches treating... ` ( H81S+fcK._ ] f5 ] fEBt.nA 5 getting hurt rEXm+.5+et ( saq0BN'kC @ S\P_ +J8... Of reviewers indicate that only one coat of stain to no avail add my! Water-Based hybrid does n't match in tone luck, myself included YpB-HeqQR5l\ $... Ow3Cu '' _j5uX. # O allow to dry wood per product directions the and! Up with is a slight crack in the fall last year I got it in any way the. Deckcorrect™ by Cabot® on hard-working, horizontal surfaces and the matching solid acrylic! Cabot semi transparent deck and using Superdeck that worked wonderful Cabot® on hard-working, horizontal surfaces and the deck. Built his house in 1981 best breakfast nook, steer clear of product... These fibers is likely to peel, stick with a regular solid stain n't hold up but do! 2 weeks before applied past and never had a problem with not having enough pigment in board. House in 1981 people from using their products that only one coat of stain to no.. With my fingers national brands dries, the places where brush strokes overlapped are darker than the.... D # +GnB9V # g=^ie9 is likely to peel because it isn ’ t do this successfully on a,... Submit you are agreeing to the healthy wood underneath brand new dry deck and Superdeck!