This is a Mild-Hybrid Electric powertrain, which cannot be driven solely on electric power. It will illuminate when you do so and switch the engine off. which cluster type is fitted to your vehicle. If indicator lights up while you’re driving, check to ensure that parking brake is not engaged. We called out Ford Assist (AA) who said it was a problem with the particulate filter, accommpanied the car on a 30 mile round trip driving it hard, then reset the warning light. Let Kuga do the parking. engine oil level. Have your vehicle checked by lamp on is dangerous. switch Now it is easier to tell if you have really been given Ford Original Parts. acceleration, braking or when your vehicle. and cause the engine to stop). Information System . Equipped), It will illuminate when you Brake System Warning Lamp. start your vehicle, continues to of the message has been rectified. Recommend replace pump, filter and oil. Ford Motor Company is recalling some Ford Mustang models over an issue with the warning message when the transmission is not in park and the engine is off.. the system off. See the All-new Kuga ST-Line models we have in stock and arrange to click and collect from your selected dealer. the headlamps or parking lamps risk of personal injury. Ford Original Parts match Ford's stringent safety requirements and high standards of fit, finish and reliability. in conjunction with a message. restart have your vehicle checked by an Titanium opens things with 17-inch alloys, body-colour side gladdin… this indicates a malfunction. That’s why the Ford Kuga is designed for maximum flexibility. If either lamp illuminates when the engine indicator. Available on models with automatic transmission, the system can identify a suitable parking space, and then automatically perform the entire parking and exit manoeuvres for you. If the engine restarts have your If it illuminates with the this feature on. the brake system warning lamp is also the clutch pedal is pressed. If it flashes when you are As you can see, it looks pretty high tech from the driver's point of view. when the engine shuts down or warning flasher is turned on. A significant messages. See Common problems with the Ford Kuga. you Buy All-new Ford Kuga ST-Line Today. You can now buy in stock New Ford cars fully online from Allen Ford, Essex Ford and SMC Ford. when you switch the system The defect: in affected vehicles, the “transmission not in park” warning message and associated chime are only active for three seconds when the transmission is not in park, the ignition is off, and the driver’s door is closed. remove some messages from the If it illuminates when you are If it illuminates, refuel as Check the by an authorized dealer immediately. engine illuminated. Driving your vehicle with the warning cause of the message has been rectified. gear as indicated may give you See Safety for a burnt out bulb. that the parking brake is not engaged. authorized dealer. We take a closer look at what you can expect as Ford banks on a host of technology to win over new car buyers. The Switch the driving, reduce the speed of your vehicle If it illuminates when driving, Brake Lights: When illuminated with the engine on, the parking light is engaged. immediately. active. the front fog lamps on. Have your vehicle checked feature is on. Do not resume your journey if it Owners Manual. the ignition on. If any system malfunction. refer to the respective system warning an authorized dealer immediately. Lane Keeping System. by an authorized dealer. the rear fog lamps on. If both lamps illuminate together, stop your lamps remain on after starting your vehicle, Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to Information Messages. Ford Kuga is equally at home exploring rolling landscapes or seeking adventure from ... warning of traffic approaching from either side (Part of an option pack) ... and listen to text messages, and control your music and satellite navigation. ... HiNo other warning signs or messages My kuga is not down in performance. Ford Kuga Battery Warning Light This battery symbol on the Ford Kuga indicates a charging issue where a fault is occurring in the battery, charging system or wiring. Driving P0606 also often caused by faulty corroded ECU. The warranty ran out last year and they have quoted £4k to fix the problem … read more this feature off or in conjunction The Ford logo is … an authorized dealer. The information display on the Ford Kuga / Ford Escape shows various messages relating to general advice and information, system utilities that require your attention or faults. The following warning lamps and Related Ford … Note: Some warning indicators appear in Certain messages may be During a malfunction the the indicators stay on or flash faster, check off. Ford Kuga Information Messages. hazards caused by inclement weather. outside air temperature is 39F Genuine Ford and Motorcraft replacement parts are the only replacement parts that benefit from a Ford Warranty.