Pedigree had a recall in June 2012: June 30, 2012 Mars Petcare US Announces Voluntary Recall of Limited Range of Pedigree ® Brand Wet Dog Food Potential choking risk. They called their product Chappie Dog Food. “Pedigree Expands Recall of Dog Food to 9 More Asian Countries.” Deutsche Presse-Agentur. It’s impossible for consumers to know how much of Mars’s current dog food line owes its existence to Chappie and how much to Kal Kan. Brand line includes: Pedigree Healthy Weight, Pedigree Healthy Joints, Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition, Pedigree Healthy Longevity, Pedigree Sensitive Nutrition, Pedigree Puppy, Pedigree Choice Cuts, Pedigree Little Champions, Pedigree Healthy Digestion, Pedigree Healthy Heart, as well as Dentastix and other dog treats Cost: $$ Where to buy: Latest deals on Pedigree dog food Company: Pedigree Petfoods (a subsidiary of Mars Inc.) Headquarters: 315 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37067 Contact info: 1-800-525-5273, email, website. Yes. Gwen shows us how you can persuade your dog to come back, and Queenie shows us her new skills. Pedigree brand dog food has voluntarily recalled three varieties of their weight management canned food. “Dog Food Distributor Threatens to Sue Taiwan Animal Group for Libel.” Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Archived at, “Mars Petcare US Issues Voluntary Recall of Everson, PA Plant Dry Pet Food Product Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination.” FDA. Years earlier, in August 2008, some Pedigree foods were recalled in certain locations because of possible salmonella contamination. One newspaper article described the innovation as coming straight from the “why didn’t they think of this sooner” department. The group had made wild claims that Effem intentionally poisoned the dogs so that customers would then have to buy a new Pedigree product designed for dogs with kidney failure. Aug. 8, 2008. “Mold in Dry Pet Food Blamed for Dog Illness.” Philstar Global. Here’s a photo he took: Have you found something odd in your Pedigree dog food? The name change to Pedigree reflected a changing market. and 40 lb. “Establishment Inspection Report: Mars Petcare US Inc.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). bags of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites sold in Albertsons stores in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada (UPC #2310014719, Lot #830BFCAT02, best by July 2009). Recalls have occurred as recently as 2014, which was simply a voluntary recall due to the possible presence of a foreign material.One other recall in recent times was in 2012 with a voluntary recall for a limited number of three varieties of Pedigree weight management canned products due to a potential choking risk. Pest control records at the facility noted damaged cans covered in flies, and dozens of employees had complained about cockroaches in the area, especially at night. Attention, consumers: Pedigree brand dog food has voluntarily recalled three varieties of their weight management canned food. Sept. 12, 2008. + Click to see the sources for this article. In 1936, a rival was producing Kal Kan dog food. What was recalled: The specific Pedigree dog food described below: Cause: Possible choking hazard. In this episode, expert trainer Gwen Bailey gets to work practising recall with Queenie. “Kal Kan Getting a New Pedigree.”, Hupp, Susanne, and Denise Salvaggio. Petful publisher Dave Baker went out and bought a random bag of Pedigree dog food in August 2015, and he, too, found wire-like hairs in the food. Little is known of the Chappell Brothers, a small team of dog food makers, operating in Manchester, England, in the 1930s. The affected packages are: •55-pound bags of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food sold at Sam’s Club will have the lot code 432E1KKM03 printed on the back of the bag near the UPC and a Best Before date of 8/7/15. Announcement: FDA report dated Sep. 12, 2008 (archived here). “Better Known for Candy, Mars Makes a Big Bet on Pets.”. PEDIGREE® makes Really Good Food for small & large dogs in flavors that they're sure to love. It’s safe to say these 2 strands of the industry — Chappie and Kal Kan — both contributed to what is, today, known as Pedigree Petfoods. This content was written by the lead research team at Petful®, led by publisher,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “I have found these little black wires in my dog food — they are throughout the whole bag!”, “Found a plastic wire in my dog’s food. Years earlier, in September 2008, there was a massive recall of dozens of products produced by Mars, including certain Pedigree dog foods, because of potential salmonella contamination. Find the best dry, wet dog food and dog treats from PEDIGREE®. The exact recipe of any dog food is typically proprietary. While there have been no reports of injuries so far, and the source of the issue has been identified and resolved, Pedigree strongly recommends returning the food to the retailer for a full refund or exchange.