Black stainless steel appliances are a bold alternative to classic color finishes and are desired for their sleek aesthetic and fingerprint resistance. Now it won’t go on. Find out more here. Hello. The Samsung TV class action lawsuit investigation alleges the early device failure can be attributed to defective internal parts, which causes the television to overheat. Without the center cylinder things like this can tangle, but not so in this setting. This company is not yet accredited. My wife put something in our washer which must have had a small amount of sand in it, and now every load we run has sand in it. MFD/FABRIQUE JULY 2008 IT keeps turning on and off by it’s self I will never buy a Samsung flat screen touch screen tv or any Samsung tv ever again in my life and I am from marion ohio total waste of time and money junk. No Steam. Compare; Find My Store. I will never recommend anyone to buy it. Linda, the same thing happened to my Samsung TV about 4 days ago.