Your MOS is a specific job you will do every day in … Ryan, I joined the National Guard in order to get the $20,000 infantry bonus. ? Where am I most likely to be stationed as an 88N? Military service often includes travel and duty assignments outside the continental United States of America, or overseas. Congratulations - you're getting married! work hours and such)?? Service overseas allows military service members to their service-specific overseas service ribbon in a multitude of capacities if they meet their service-specific qualifications. work hours and such)? The Army mission spans the globe, and includes land, air, and water operations. Be prepared for a fun and challenging MOS. Vote up (3) Comment Vote down (0) CSM Gregory Burden >1 y. I have some positions in Marshal Island for 88k my email [login to see] thanks. came back, stayed in Virginia for a while, headed to the west cost. Do I have to pay the bonus back? Can anyone tell me where I am most likely to be stationed? These vessels range from small speedboats to tugs to larger ships. As a 88k watercraft pilot in the army, where are the different duty stations I could be assigned to? And what is a typical day like (I.e. Obviously, not everyone wears a combat patch on their right arm, so these are proud displays of prior service for the soldier. If so, will it be reinstated when I do qualify? The Watercraft Operator, which is military occupational specialty (MOS) 88K, navigates, pilots and maintains Army watercraft. Have equivalent experience from another service component. I had a guy that enlisted for the MOS, he was stationed in Virginia and drove a ship to Cuba, and to Jamaica. *This regulation supersedes AR 614-30, dated 27 January 2015. Image: What They Do: Similar to combat engineers but a bit more specialized, Bridge Crewmembers are specifically used when a squad or large group of soldiers are tackling rough terrain involving water in a combat situation. f). o Adds eligibility for key billets for senior enlisted Soldiers (para 7–3). These patches signify both currently attached units a soldier serves on the left sleeve, as well as the prior unit attached to while serving in a combat zone for a specified period of time on the right. Have equivalent experience from civilian sector with US Coast Guard credentials and currently serving in a service component. Army AIT is considered more enjoyable for recruits compared to Basic Combat Training because you get to focus on your MOS. Provided the marriage is a healthy and supportive union, the military benefits system works most efficiently to support you when your marriage takes place before enlistment. After returning from basic and after receiving the first $10,000, I failed to pass the standard test for the 2 mile run. Marriage Before Enlistment: Timing Your Military Marriage. A Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is assigned to every new recruit of the Army. Although you are classifying as a 12k I would recommend either 88k (Deck) or 88L(Engineer) series for an MOS conducive to the Army's watercraft assets. : Enlisting as an 88N, I’m married with 3 kids. then he drove it to Korea. What is a typical day like (e.g. o Adds policy that Reserve Component, ordered to active duty overseas, wi ll not be stationed overseas without approval (para 7–2. An Bridge Crewmember at work. To accomplish these operations the Army employs a variety of watercraft and it is the responsibility of the Soldiers of Military Occupational Specialty Watercraft Operator are a … Hold 88K, 88L MOS or Related Sister Service Speciality: Must be certified in the CMF 88 to grade as per AR 56-9 if holding MOS 88K or 88L.