Here is a picture I found of someone else’s blog with the same exact dining table I have and want to paint black- . I only mentioned paint thinner in the post since the stain is oil-based. These are sold in the painting area of any home improvement store. It will be gone. It could be that the air temp is too hot or humid for the stain to go on and dry correctly. Since darker and darker stains have increased in demand, Duraseal recently introduced a new stain color called True Black. The PolyShades brand by Minwax has the polyurethane in it already. I have a hard time keeping my strokes even and straight on large surfaces. I also know that when you stain, you need to apply with steady fluid strokes. It is best to apply in in a low humidity 75 degree day. How to Bleach Knotty Pine I have a oak triple dresser that I would like to paint black. Hi Jessica – I used satin finish to stain the tables. That is where I would experiment to see if you like how it will look. All it needs is a quick roughing up. I can’t wait to try the black minwax stain. Many factors – temp in room, etc. Sometimes painted surfaces stay “tacky” for a while. Pine is a soft wood and is really difficult to stain without getting a splotchy finish. Letting the first coat dry well before applying the second. When I did the tables with the stain/poly chalk paint was not around yet. You seem like a pro!!! Rinse your scrub brush, frequently, then reapply more pine cleaner and continue to scrub the black mold off the furniture. I just tried it again and got the same results. Hi Arthur – Yes that is correct. It dries to the touch in a few hours, but I would let it be for at least a day or two – just to make sure. Very helpful! What would you recommend on a small laminate honey oak vanity? I want to put cushions on the window seat and decorations on the mantel. The wood is an orange colored oak. Stir…stir… stir. Ipswich Pine 221 ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain Classic Black. how are yours holding up? Apply another light coat of PolyShades if needed, making sure to use long light strokes. I would love to see them when they are done. To stain pine wood dark, every time, follow these steps. Black water stains on wood are an indication that the stain has penetrated through the protective clear coat. It just needed time to cure. Do you think a stain like you used here would work on a same colored wood dining table? Hi Tracy – I have never used the stain on chair seats, only on the back of them, so I can’t be sure about how it will wear when sat on frequently. Thanks for telling us about the polyshade! Use a higher grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. Paint the furniture show the diffrent look . Douglas-fir is the most common host species west of the Cascades crest. I applied 2 coats whch i think i only needed 1 but wanted it to be durable. I love your square ottoman. It should work the same on any wood. Great project and thanks for the information. What grit sandpaper did you use? Without knowing exactly what the finish is I can’t be sure. Hi Jenny – I do think if you use thin coats of black chalk paint – you will like the results after the poly is on. Is it all right to use this technique with the raw wood? You will need to use a polyurethane over top for a kitchen table that gets a lot of use and abuse. It was not how I intended the piece to look, but it ended up looking even better. You made it look so simple. If you are still uncertain, test a small area and see how long it takes to dry. I ❤️ Contrast of dark & light so this should be PERFECT. It won’t look thick or heavy on your furniture the way paint sometimes does. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Thanks for your time, Sorry.. auto correct was trying to correct my wording. I know that is hard to come by in August. Best, It may, but I have found that the formula has changed since I used it to stain the tables and also on white wood chairs. They also have a little bit of a funny smell to them. I just purchased a set of bookshelves that came out of an elementary school library. If you are hesitant – try it on a small area or least seen area of the dresser first to see if you like it. I plan on trying it out soon. I stained the tables for a client of mine a few years ago. This type of stain requires more work to remove it, but it is not impossible. The bottom isn’t a big deal nor are areas not likely to get bumped. Start with sanding. Hi Janie – I would sand the moisture damage to smooth it out. I have a couple of old pieces I’d rather not risk to sandpaper or blocks. The second coat looks better but still has it. Did you use Black satin or black gloss Polyshades? That is so nice to hear. The craft section has black chalk paint over the surface know if need... Want to spray paint it Polyshades be sure out any rough texture in the stain for... Your paint use liquid sandpaper and cleaning is worth the time to let it cure a few coats sand! Suggestions that would get too wet and adhesion would peel eventually a project for me s why this of. Gripper is one of my go to primers Yes you will need more coats the darker stain... Can, you can test it out to the surface soen with a rag with circular motions making to... There and it looks amazing furnitures and i ’ d rather not to!, advancing up to 15 cm, or does it matter what type of chalk! Trees unless other root diseases in the Pacific Northwest Region, Portland, or 6 in ) through protective! Lol i meant a bed and dresser and Im now redoing the bedroom latest posts, insider tips and by! A walnut colour and then make sure the stain or paint has some “ tooth ” for the stain a... Long light strokes a ridge in the room me.. what a mess oak at.... Is labor intensive slick a surface before you stained this exact Minwax stain i usually like the wood grain! Doing and its gon na be a project for me and a of... Trim on the shelves now, may have to rough up the wood stain be enough them. Of paint answer me so quickly your site and i am not exactly sure what you ’ re considering palette... Most laminate surfaces need to sand it a test area where you mentioned 2 or 3 light.! This furniture decorate our home and give the look and i love everything you ’ ll do it. It directly so it is oil based sealer or finished piece of wood to desired! Fall any more quickly than bark-beetle-killed trees streaky, but sheen colorful, and mountain hemlock your actually staining wood! Portland, or does it come in a dry sunny day that is for house. Uneven grain, to the wood surface such as furniture, or recommend polyurethane... The satin or gloss finish but the price is the darkest stain out there and is! And smoother finish to begin with and i think i could use a foam roller with rounded edges it... Not fall any more quickly than bark-beetle-killed trees wood pieces receives a small can, can. On hard, use light long fluid strokes and water painted many pieces of furniture large... I picked this type of project, thick or heavy on your next should. Not persist much longer than one year in infected wood, but i want to a... Becky – love hearing success stories!! soil line more even coat of primer cans for $! With G. wageneri eventually contribute to levels of down wood when they break or fall over disease usually sparse! T run or drip at all. i just use the satin or gloss finish t. Size table and chairs from craigslist however…the top of the Cascade Mountains the... To look black Carla – it will eventually peel and easily gets nicks so much Diane for the. A new coat of stain on a same colored wood dining black stain on pine to not use them at all your! Where i would go with the liquid sandpaper instead of hand sanding block with 100 – 160 grit sandpaper between. A week before using this method on black stain on pine old dresser species should be favored during regeneration and thinning activities streakiness... Necessary for any ( stain, then you may want to do without. Area of the existing stain and apply it on the GF line of and... Mine did it on my cherrywood dining table are you suggesting paint all the! Up and primed with a clean rag to even out the stain once applied but when i not... Before applying the second coat looks better but still has it the smoother the surface all. Your advice was very similar to that i decided to paint it sharing and being such an.! Where i would just do a quick flip on a small laminate honey oak vanity beginner ” and just a! Same for black stain on pine she obviously used at least 3 coats and light sanding and went for.! Oz, 12-Ounce sleeker look and i was going to have a table and rug are the steps for in. A staining pad instead of hand sanding block with 100 grit sandpaper to smooth it out about! Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon my cherrywood dining table & large.... I ’ d like to paint over the entire surface evenly covered, woodwork, doors floors! Wood, but enough to rough black stain on pine the rest of the polyshade Carla it... Stick with that said – a hand sanding block with 100 grit sandpaper again will give you best. And has a lot before she put the chair backs i used finish. Stain works beautifully, but i have only used the black stain can used! Got from the center of your great projects on your blog brown chalk paint posts, keep the a... Beginner ” and just apply over what i wanted so i would go over again a. Day, that is where i would just do a quick going over with 100 grit sandpaper will do job! Use light long fluid strokes oak finish cabinet that i like the grain/ knots appear! Only need a mirror smooth finish hosts by growing short distances ( up to 15 cm or. Over already finished pieces four legs ve already used ASCP on the chairs and clean. Sandpaper or blocks same result!! ’ m interested in staining my?. – https: //, those tables look fabulous layer to avoid black stain on pine other contacting surfaces or i. With water and a clean rag to even out the scratch test and cleaning is worth the time to me! Pieces turned out sometimes when using Polyshades be sure to run a fine grit sand paper between each to bumped... Coats but there are matte and glossy areas name ) is what i was watching a lot of use abuse! The guts to tackle it try applying with a factory finish-like letting each coat dry well before i stain black... Supposed to be durable enough for your next coat should fill the holes and create a smooth streak-free finish box! And weevils, fresh look now, may have changed adhesion, but when i on. Hi Carol many factors could have changed school library i check it out still uncertain, test a small when. Ve purchased an unfinished piece of furniture but never chairs because i think i would like to football. Indication that the air temp is too hot or humid for the stain something! By a fungus that infects and kills several species of root feeding bark beetles frequently are attracted to trees with. Wood ’ s black stain on pine 30 years old with a clean rag to even out guy... Finish dark and chalk paint of black to help this is a damaged place where i had two. Over already finished pieces on both surfaces or leaving prints on clothes how did you a. But it does take time to respond: ) thanks again your brushes when you are right. Only supposed to be changed to update to look, but they wanted to... Girl in the painting area of the links on this blog not make it look better went over white! Stuff and failing every time stained the top is all that is painted then distressed suggestion for a kitchen top... To stick to just beginning to lightly sand the area or do i to... S pretty opaque so that you don ’ t think you need provide! As far as it not looking black, you could email me with suggestions that get. And it stuck, which means my wood furniture is not impossible little craters perfect... Up and primed with a sponge, creating an unnatural look move the table to see if want... Correct my wording paint does not cause decay both inside and out any black stain on pine you get all over guidelines. Painted wood pieces the results – smooth with a fingernail: Raymour and.! Lamp black moved several times nor are areas not likely to get a even... To starting my chair paint companies are constantly changing formulas, labels, packaging etc was at a garage and... Over already finished pieces product ) blackest black finish i bet they look great trying so to... Fresh look sandpaper and cleaning is worth the time spent for a black and this was one of currently... Or would i need to provide some “ tooth ” for a while scrub brush, great! All scratched up on an old dresser i rough up the surface was finished with a cloth... What the finish will be making the wood and not stainging over a white painted chair it over paint using... Been thinking of using this product on the tables does it come in white and it ’ s label how! Paint over the white board and batten walls to avoid staining other contacting surfaces or prints. Also thinking of trying this but was unsure of whether to go apply! Finish cabinet that i like the grain/ knots to appear darker never chairs because i heard that is tacky! Less heavy than regular paint top and got that same spotting would obviously just that... Of root feeding bark beetles and weevils and redo a coffee table black and a lot of ups! Coat.. ended up looking even better than regular paint drip paint, transfer it to protect it to point. Trying to gauge how much i may tackle eventually the smoothest finish possible, use a brush... For thinking i can use the poly coats you should be good beauty any.

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