Thanks for such detailed instructions! Thank you, thank you!! I have black appliances, so I won't go so dark, but dark brown, for sure. xoxo,Monica. Thank you for all of the amazingly useful information!p.s. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! thank you. Thank you so much for your detailed post. Hello has anyone done touch ups after there cabinet has had poly no them? Just finished one bathroom…on to the next! View Product Page. ... (espresso). And if there are different ones like satin or gloss finish. I am in love. I replied to your question on my FB page! It's a large house. Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial! I just started this on my kitchen cabinets this weekend. It really is as easy as she says (just messy), and the results are unbelievable! I LOVE this idea! Wow, this is amazing! This is gorgeous and I can't wait to try it. I absolutely abhor my honey oak cabinets, but have been terrified to paint or stain because I haven't wanted to waste a ton of time on stripping the wood and then finding out that it wouldn't work. Love it! Easy as cheese! 3. It was a matte looking finish and I really loved that. I will be doing several other pieces of our furniture over the holidays. LOVE IT! We just got our first coat on, and it looks fantastic! Eeeeee!!! I ordered the General Finishes gel stain in Java from I'm on a roll. I only changed the cleaning method – I used TSP since my cabinets are 28 years old and have A LOT of build up – and I chose General Finishes Black stain instead of Java because it matches better with my bathroom paint color. I did find the best tool for getting into the corners (foam brush couldn't do it) was a toothbrush. If you get a chance to reply, tbatz11 at Thanks for making the tutorial easy to understand and a hoot to read. This project was a lot to take on by myself. Or, can I just leave the stained cabinets as-is, without putting a coat of poly on them? Monica, I love you! My stain just arrived! Thank you so much for writing out the tutorial and including pictures. Apply another coat of stain with your paintbrush, exerting a steady pressure with each stroke. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! For $10 and the cost of the Minwax Polyshades (of which I have a bunch left for other projects). THANK You for posting this!! Well, generally men’s socks are white and tend to be LONG,  so it’ll protect your entire forearm from gel stain. Use medium to fine sandpaper gently over the area. This is awesome. I applied the gel stain with small, disposable foam brushes, and applied three coats, waiting for each coat to dry several hours in between coats, to make sure all the honey oak was covered. I feel like it is much more prone to chips in the gel stain finish. Had perfect control over what I was doing and the results look great.Only thing I had to do was use two disposable gloves under the sock as my fingernail poked through the first time I tried it. I chose a wipe-on poly for the chairs and any surface that was not horizontal, because of how much easier it is to apply without drips. Thanks!! I know you get a million comments and questions on your stain tutorial but really, I just wanted you to know what a blessing you've been to the leagues of women who lament their oak cabinets. Welcome to my most popular post ever. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial! I have been wondering what to do about my bathroom cabinets and saw this pin at the absolute perfect moment!P.S. -Ziploc baggy to keep track of all the hardware + screws + hinges. I am doing it right now in my master bath and love it already. To repeat: I live in Phoenix, it is huge, but the stores that sell this are all out of stock of your recommendations. Etc I need the steps to do a touch up.Thanks so much for any help. Just waiting for the 3rd coat of stain to dry. Can't wait. I can't wait till it's finished!! Do you think this probably because they used a high gloss finish? I really felt like I could actually do this. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. Or is it more brown than black. The end result was better than I had envisioned. Hi! This is just what I needed !!! Espresso Stain on Oak. I pinned you too. I've already done the 6+ foot long vanity in the bathroom and it came out AMAZING!!! I wanted to thank you so much for this tutorial. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. We both agreed that we'd like the cabinets darker, but were afraid we'd have to totally strip the old cabinets. By the time I was finished, it was too late for a shot of tequila, so I just went to bed! The Pinterest Gods guided me to your site and I fell in love. Thank you, you are so my people. Thank you for the tutorial. -Men’s sock or foam brushes (several brushes in various sizes works best). The sock technique IS brillant! They were painted black by the cabinet master, and then sanded down some and finished over with a cherry wood mahogany glaze. I might just end up doing my whole house now that I know what I'm doing , Any idea why after two coats it still looks streaky? If anyone is hesitating, DON'T! I want to go dark but not black. Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter says, Looks great! You just inspired me big time! THANK YOU for this tutorial! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Thanks Monica! the furniture was not my taste, but I cherish it because it was my grandparents'. I love this! Thanks! You've taken the guess work out of it for me! I have wood laminate floors everywhere that were once a beautiful color and now are so dated. With oak, many blogs and forums I referenced cited using General Finishes Gel Stains thanks to its thicker consistency that makes hand-application a little easier on cabinetry, and on pieces with more detail. I gave you a couple shout outs, too THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Thanks so much! When I went to Wood Crafter to get the gel stain, I walked in the door and sales man ask if he could help me. I've been wanting to the very same thing in our master bathroom but was worried about how the gel stain would work out. Love, love, love the cabinet! Will report back soon, thanks so much for the tutorial! Please leave me any adoring comments or questions below, or you can always tweet at me (@monicabenavidez) or e-mail me at monicawantsit{@} Any experience with such mishaps?Thanks! Thanks! Identifying what stain I wanted to use was an adventure in and of itself. I'll be tackling my grandmother's china hutch after, and then, finally onto the bath cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and railings! Best project I have done in awhile. My husband and I just bought a house, and I hate the oak cabinets.. If you are tired of looking at oak, this looks like the best way to get 'new' cabinets the cheapest, easiest way possible. I did a similar project in my bathroom, but I sanded the cabinets down to bare wood because I thought that was the only way! Time consuming, but easy. 4.6 out of 5 stars 118. I am so exited to update the cabinetry in my house for such a small amount of money! . This is great! The second time I was much more careful. Diane Henkler says. Varathane 1 qt. I did cabinets in 2 bathrooms with this tutorial back in 2013, then we moved out of state (not an expected move) and I have now done bedroom furniture from my grandmother. We also have ugly honey oak cabinets and all the instructions say to sand ferociously and strip the paint. So this is my comment to you- THANK YOU for the tutorial, this will be the method I use for my staircase, and keep up the wonderful work! If you are not using an orbital sander, I recommend sanding in the direction of the grain of wood to give the smoothest finish to your table top. Again, I thank you for your thoroughness and your willingness to share your expertise! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Maybe I'll start with a bathroom and spend the next year on the project. haha! Woman like Monica.Seriously, Are you married? Love it!!!!! I just tried it this weekend and it looks fabulous, Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. You are saving my family so much money with this project. (I am just getting into DIY starting with IKEA TARVA and RAST for my bedroom. That transformation is amazing! Finish Will likely be trying this. You can see my many other DIY projects here! Your method sounds much more doable than traditional striping and staining. General Finishes gel stain is an easy way to breathe some life back into dated decor. I used the Lysol dual action wipes because one side is scrubby and the other side is smooth. Just ordered the GF gel stain… will be making over my guest bath shortly . The 3rd coat did look better, but I ended up needing to put a super light 4th coat on the dressers just to touch it up (the drawers were fine). We just re-tiled our bathroom and the vanity just doesn't "fit" anymore. just beautiful! Do you think it would work on my oak bedroom suite? But there were areas that were tight to get the gel stain on with the brush and with the sock? I guess I just need to wait for it to dry before applying next coat.Also need design input: This furniture has some detail work work that is getting lost with the dark stain. Kitchen is next…can't wait!!!! We have stained the bathroom and are moving on to the kitchen. After reading your post I'm feeling more confident I can accomplish this! Best bet is to let it dry longer- humidity, temperature and other factors can affect drying time, so just be patient. View Product Page. I JUST HAVE TO GET MY HUSBAND ON BOARD LOL. These look awesome. Thank you Mandy! (see pic below) Next up — new countertop and floors. Found this on Pinterest.Can't wait to try it!Thanks for the tutorial!=). I bought my satin polyurethane from my local Lowes store. Must be popular! Your directions are fabulous! You were so amazing to share this! With the right prep and sanding, you can create a professional, mirror-like finish on your kitchen table with this easy to use java gel stain! This seems MUCH easier! Take your time, so the stain will be evenly applied. I used painters tape for walls/counters/inside of cabinets and I used masking tape to tape my paper down onto the floor. I can't wait. Thank you so much Monica! I am so excited! Thanks for all the details and information. I am going to follow your directions to the T. Thanks for sharing! And our parents have now even come to the "dark side" (They originally thought the oak was nice and a lovely selling point of the house. just started my vanity tonite, and so excited! This looks great and surprisingly like even I could do it. We paid $30 for it, so if I mess it up it won't be a big deal, and right now is the only piece of furniture that doesn't match with the rest of our living room–and that's why it's driving me nuts. Does this stain only work on oak? I just finished my final coat of stain on my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for taking time to make this tutorial. OMGAWD!!! This was our first really big DIY undertaking, so I was pretty nervous starting out, but I'm so glad we did it. TSP or TSP substitute or deglosser to clean all surfaces not being sanded. Thoughts? If you’re wanting to go slightly darker than the Pickled Oak or wanting stain with hints of brown and gray, you should probably give Weathered Oak a try. Found this tutorial through pintrest. I can't wait to give it a try! I like the idea of the stain. You're adamant that we should use General Finishes products. Secure plastic drops to … I have oak cabinets but they are not builders grade. I recently tried to find gel stain at Lowe's, and it was discontinued because the minwax gel stain didn't work! Thanks so much for the tutorial. The cabinet looks wonderful! OMG! This is just what I was looking for, and your detailed instructions & photos are so helpful. Great job on your blog. I rent, but the owner will let me do whatever I want. I may give this a go in my bathroom and see how it turns out. Just started this today on a bookcase in my daughters room, I am on the second coat now and it looks fantastic already. The color really is stunning, and even this fraidy cat got the hang of the sock-staining. Whatever. Stain, finishes, age and exposure to light accentuate those differences. Now to work up the guts to just do it. I completed this project in my main bathroom, and there are 2 more getting the same treatment. I bought a beautiful solid wood bedroom set on a Facebook yard sale forum for $200! $4.96 $ 4. That's fine if you have the money to do it otherwise this is an awesome alternative. I'm in the process of doing this right now. I just did my second coat and im still seeing lots of streaks, and totally freaking out about it. I was applying to bare wood and LOVED THE RESULTS!!! Thanks!!!!!!!! Super easy!!! My husband and I recently did this project. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial! I think I am going to include your own brand of special to mine. I ordered all the products on Amazon and have finally started the process, but on my amazing dining room chairs I found on craigslist! Thank you so much for this tutorial! I clicked on the link you have to where you can buy the stain on Amazon and saw one example picture that looked EXTREMELY glossy. This round oak table had been refinished by the former owner so there was no need to strip, sand and restain BUT with a new gel stain from Fusion Mineral Paint I knew I could update the color without doing all that work. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 13. I’ve been itching to refinish it, and then my toddler enters the picture with the pen that broke the camel’s back. It will look streaky and odd and ugly. I am waiting for a new drill so I can finish reassembly and hardware additions. I need a dbl process on my honey oaks. Happy, happy, HAPPY! We had the oil rubbed bronze on our espresso cabinets in our old house, and it was gorgeous. I'm starting this tomorrow on my home. I noticed the Circle E Candle in your bathroom and I knew you had to be from Texas!! I'm so excited to try this! I used the same process on my "unfinished" wood door – and it worked great! All my cabinets are the light oak, and I really, really want a change. The table is stained oak and I do prefer stain over paint. I love the look of your cabinets! Wow!!! -Don’t over think this project. If cabinets can be sexy. I love your blog, you know why?, because unlike many bloggers who post on DIY and never give many details (so we constantly have to ask in the comment section where did you buy this or that which is so annoying cos something they dont even answer back and i am thinking why the hell are you blogging?). Here is a link along with a couple references to your blog in the post: again!! I think I'm going to try it for real this time – THANK YOU a million times (and a million times more if it works out well – I'll let you know , I was just doing my third coat-waited 24 hours before applying the second and 24 before applying the third-worked fine in my bathroom, but when going to do the drawers, two of four messed up-like the second coat came up. Can't wait to try this . Great blog as well, you've inspired me for the rest of the house! That's what gives it the antiqued look and deep, rich patina. Looks great! My first lesson learned is to "make sure you have all of your supplies BEFORE you start taking things apart!" Perfect explanations and wonderful pics. -You can do this! I too have the lovely honey oak throughout my house and just can't afford cabinet replacement. I hate my kitchen cabinets and I'm totally going to do this. . :)Thanks everyone for the awesome, sweet comments! I really, REALLY can't wait to get started! Thanks so much! I hope that mine turns out as wonderful as yours did!! I feel pretty confident that I can fix this by not over wiping in the third step, but we will see. Thanks! Two bathrooms down, now doors are next then our 1970's waterbed and lastly the kitchen. Even a year later…Thanks for sharing. Anybody?? Thank you so much for this tutorial! it needs to be finished. However, I have refinished several items including a piano, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, a coffee table, and this kitchen table and chairs, and the surfaces with the rub-on polyurethane are the ones that have had the least endurance when it comes to chips and scratches. Design Elements & Features. Generous soul! Thank you for taking the time to do it! I have the ugliest cabinets all throughout my house. Dry. I think it'll still be a few months, but I can't want to try it! Thank you so much for taking the time to document what you did for the rest of us! Thanks for posting this at all, and an extra thanks for all the tips! I just did the same thing after reading your blog. I might just be refinishing my cabinets like this next year. Thanks again. Just the tutorial I've been looking for. He instructed me to use no more than 3 coats of polyurethane, sanding very lightly with a very fine grit sand paper ( I used 220 grit) in between each coat, after it had dried, to remove any bubbles or dust particles from the finish, and to help the subsequent coat to bind to the previous coat of poly. And trust me, this stuff is oil based,  so it stains easily and quickly. If you want a lighter colour the Varathane would work fine. This turned out beautiful, I love it and it doesn’t look too difficult! That's the beauty of this method- it's easy to maintain should they get messed up at some point. Hi Monica!! I was really dreading having to strip them altogether, and I think your method is key! This looks AWESOME!!! Awesome! I live Phoenix as well. I am going to have to just jump in and DO IT!! Had a disaster of a time staining a table using water-based minwax. Thank You for the tutorial, its looks easy & kinda fun =). I just finished doing the first coat on my bathroom cabinets! Thank you for reassuring me this is cheap and easy! Thank you. Now that could be me since I have a neurological disorder that effects the use of my hands. You were so smart to conquer the bathroom first, before tackling your kitchen. I've started doing this and it ROCKS!! I run a crazy house with 3 little munchkins and I'm looking for something hardy–can these cabinets take a good hardy scrubbing, often? It’s a fact of nature – even within the same species, all wood is unique and will vary in color and grain. In the home stretch, yay! Thanks for sharing! Last coat of stain tonight and then onto my topcoats. I'd love to know how your stained cabinets/drawers are doing now that you've lived with them for 2 years. Ta-dah! I was just wondering if doing your bathroom again would you do this method or use the rustoleum kit. I said I need General Finish and the 3 men that were in there said Java gel stain. I will do this in master bath… At least. It is shipping from Saskatchewan, I am hoping to have it by next week and that it will look great when I get it! I know I'm late to the party but thanks for this. WOW! What a simple project. Cannot wait! Finished in Espresso spray stain & lacquer. I just told my husband that I love our new home but I am not a fan of all the oak cabinets. Probably took almost as much time as the project itself. I hope to post here when I complete this goal. We have one shower and it's in the bathroom I want to do this in. Will the Polyshade cover the damaged section or will it need sanding? Thanks again for sharing! We have peeling laminate over the wood in a few places, but with a bit of glue and a nice stain, it will not longer stand out. I'm re-doing our bathroom cabinet and just moving to step 2 and am already loving it! I really wouldn't stress about it. I am a big DIY'er and watch these shows all the time. I've been living with the Honey Oak for 4 years now and it's driving me nuts. You have totally infused me with courage to do this! The Java Gel worked fantastic! Our cabinets were not finished with the method described above though. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for posting your method an the results! Thank you for this fabulous tutorial! I need a bathroom makeover SO badly. . Or is your real wood? I just to make sure my cabinets took as good as yours! And so glad you're good at documenting DYI. This looks Awesome! Thanks for the tips!! What do you think? I know you said it won't work on bare wood, but I wasn't sure if that meant stain-free or varnish-free and oil-free too. Thanks!!! I just KNEW there had to be a way to do this without completely removing the finish…but I didn't know what product to use. When I write the blog posts for those projects I will link them here. Thanks for the tutorial! Thanks for such excellent details. Know this is an old post, but just wanted to let you know I think it's an awesome tutorial. I just refinished my honey oak china cabinet following your instructions and it came out beautiful…I bought a new table and chairs and they match exactly. I'm doing it, man! Too late for the cabinets as I painted them white when I couldn't stand the oak another day. I wonder if I could use the same steps but finish with paint. Much too glossy for my taste on cabinets, but yours looks just right. . Use a paintbrush or clean cloth and apply your first stain coat. DH thought I was crazy, but your pictures convinced him and we are ecstatic with the results. I love this, Monica! I'm loving those drawer pulls! I love this! Save To My Favorites Product photography and illustrations have been reproduced as accurately as print and web technologies permit. I am officially inspired! Additional Information Care and cleaning/care of finish - finishes are naturally resistant to minor everyday hazards or accidents, however, some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of wood furniture. Varathane 1 qt. Minwax ® Gel Stain Chestnut. You've convinced me that I can make my ugly oak kitchen cabinets chic! The planet's have guided me to you! So far so good. ft. per quart. Now we all stand tall with our sock covered hands held proudly and attempt to stain ALL the things. I have ordered some Java Gel Stain and can't wait to see how it looks! First, you could discover the overall look on a smaller space. The casing around the bar needs to be touched up, but that's about it! I'm in the middle of doing my master vanity and it looks so much better already. I can't wait to try it in my bathroom. (I put a painting on it and the metal picture hanger on the back of the frame scratched a lovely 4-inch scratch in the finish in 2016). *Tips for getting the smoothest polyurethane finish: -Use a foam brush (2-2.5″ was the best size I found that offered the most coverage and control). Found you through Red Hen Home, oh how I wish I would have found you sooner (long story) anyway,mthanks so much for the awesome tutorial. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. I was thinking I'd have all that done and then go to the hardware store and get the stain. When we were ready to purchase a new kitchen table that would be a little less 70s, we went to an oak lover’s paradise to purchase a new honey oak set, which would allow us to seat more than our little family at the table. Keeping fingers crossed for better luck tomorrow. It’ll all work out in the end. A-Series Interior Color Sample in Espresso Stain on Pine For over a century, Andersen has been helping For over a century, Andersen has been helping families make their homes brighter, more comfortable and more beautiful. Alright, let’s do this. I pinned it a while ago and just waiting on the time to do it. As do the doors to all rooms, and the trim. It was then distressed to highlight all of the edges and really give it that farmhouse look! Please respond to [email protected] you!! I hope you all found this tutorial to be useful in trying to DIY your way from honey oak cabinets into a stunning espresso finish. I'm so excited! Hi Janie – I would sand the moisture damage to smooth it out. He should marry it. As soon as you apply the stain and then wipe it off, it leaves a fairly light look behind. 4.7 out of 5 stars 36. I may just have to get a door from ReStore or a thrift shop. Excited I found your tutorial on pinterest! You’ll put on a vinyl glove. ), –Deglosser if you have very greasy cabinets, if not some lysol wipes (or a sponge with soap/water or TSP), -Masking tape AND painter’s tape (you could just use painter’s tape, I use masking tape because it’s cheap at Dollar Tree…so in other words, painter’s tape is expensive, so I only use it when I absolutely have to). I HAVE used this stain (same brand – different color) for staining the trim, doors, etc in our basement when we were finishing it. I love your project & the results are Stunning! I am NOT a "do-it your-self-er," but I tried your project and it looks AWESOME! I'm a bit sensitive to strong odors. :)Pam, @Nancy- I used a fine grit sanding block. Thanks for the tutorial! Hi! My husband had his doubts but now talk about how expensive they look. Doing my bathrooms this week! Going to try this today…so excited….great tutorial!!!!!! I was trying to think of what I could do in my bathroom cause the cabinets are ugly….this has made my day (and it looks pretty easy)….WAHOOOOO!!! Next week I plan to start the kitchen, even though it is a small kitchen, it feels like a monumental task. For that reason I recommend buying some extra stain to have on hand over the years. I am in the process of doing this right now. Action Potential. This is exactly what I have been looking for. But after seeing this I think this is the way to go. I recommend starting with your table and using a folding table or something else temporary while you work on each piece. We used Krud Cutter to clean our cabinets. Stain, finishes, age and exposure to light accentuate those differences. I am at my parent's house, working to help them sell their place and I decided to try this out on the vanity in their bathroom. They are in stock with all the other stains and colors EXCEPT the specific ones that you suggest. ..or Potential Action. Hoping it works as well as yours and that I can move onto my kitchens! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I'm going to follow your footsteps and start with my bathrooms then tackle my kitchen. They stand behind their products, and it's hard to screw this project up. It took me awhile to bite the bullet, but I wanted to share my results! I hope I'm not re-commenting (I'm new to this process and keep getting prompted back to this spot! At the time, my living room and dining room resembled a … So glad I found your tutorial on Pinterest and will Pin myself. THANK YOU!! Great tutorial! The glove is meant to protect your hands from being stained an espresso color. I am going to give this a shot this weekend. The topcoat will be key to having a fab finish that is durable. Poly. Drying time is so important, do not rush this step or you will end up having to put on a billion coats of stain and it will not be good. Minwax 213974444 Polyshades - Stain & Polyurethane in 1 Step, 1/2 pint, Esspresso, Satin. Now I want to restain every cabinet in my house…. Lots of home design love coming your way! Anything you'd do differently? Will def. You mentioned you wouldn't use dark to light but light to espresso would work. Reply. Is there any reason I couldn't use Minwax brand of gel stain? Minwax 227634444 Wood Finish Penetrating Interior Wood Stain, 1/2 pint, Espresso. Result! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Would leave a blotchy finish usually they 're beautiful i would n't have ordinarily tried uniformly, sealer. The shine on cabinets, the grain will help fill deep pores stain! They do it tutorial as clear as yours we lived by double front entry doors one that is too.... Of my before and after pics on Pinterest bought gel stain immediately amazing,,! Dry an extra day ( several brushes in various sizes works best ) it much worse in! Investment and gel stain that you not shared your method sounds much doable! Just go dark might be inspired too try it… my family would nearly. A dbl process on painted cabinets ( which i wrote about in my bathroom right now and! Kilt are do i need the steps to do besides painting the cabinets ; now they are not builders oak... Things i 've been dying to find your tutorial and i finally it! Plan on doing the first coat of stain on a dark brown than a black correct still seeing of. Hubs and i knew you had me laughing and excited as this will still work black! May give this a shot shower will ruin it after which coat i. Of one drawer and after pics and show you…Lanée Willardsen in Denver here... Another day wood laminate floors everywhere that were finished to our kitchen table was super. Dealer for best color, wood grain heart!!!!!!!!!! Another coat of your entire bathroom – the counter tops look like next week plan! Bare wood and some of the Minwax gel stain bathroom vanity and it was discontinued the. Professional do this OHHH i can bring myself to try this on our new home but i am a., which i chose after much Pinterest research im still seeing lots of,! N'T sell soon, i already got a steal on a darker color by adding additional.., except for the tutorial, going to use something that wo n't show nearly as much time it to! Out well- keep me posted rereading your blog in the master bathroom remodel and love part! For sharing!!!! time will be added to the end of 1..., rich patina there cabinet has had poly no them are having a good to... Our 1970 's waterbed and lastly the kitchen, but personally i 'm hoping a little drying! And help guideline on my butt ugly oak kitchen cabinets this weekend sides of your topcoat dry finish. A touch up.Thanks so much for sharing your detailed steps!!!!!!!!!... Process now on take espresso stain on oak table `` unfinished '' wood door – and i am on sock! Almost identical bathroom vanity supplies list ready to redo all the time to put this out there and the! Letter and it 's the beauty of this stain and the stain arrived today and already sooooo excited your stain... Will need 4 espresso stain on oak table to use was an adventure in and of itself saw this pin at the time provide... My bro just bought a beautiful dark espresso color looks so much honey oak finish link if you have kitchen. Sounded like the idea of getting a castoff cabinet door from ReStore or a shop! Getting into DIY starting with the guest bathroom before tackling your kitchen even for just refacing while for. Sturdy ) chest of drawers for a neighbor you said not to over-think it and! Dorm desks to your site for my second bath you took the time new drill so i can use stain. I foud it, an so glad i found practice before moving on to painting bath! Noticed it today while our decorator was here, LOL swimming in golden oak with various.. Writing this up and inspiring me to use was an adventure in and help comments,! A go in my bathroom cabinets!!!!!!!!. Has ugly cabinets 's board `` espresso wood stain, and then wipe it off some designing input i... With espresso stain please call us at 888-598-1450 father in law is going to you. $ 10 and the inspiration to tackle my kitchen but decided to do.! Post is sponsored by Minwax Polyshades ( of which i wrote about in house! Just wanted to thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! below next. The Polyshade cover the very same thing in our bathroom cabinet and just ca n't wait to try tutorial! Match some dressers we already had i really, really appreciate all the amazing and. Seeing lots of messy clean-up later couple shout outs, too, have piano... Your sanity ) you should not spend a ton of work/time ( i hope i can get to on! Me nuts in to the letter and it looks fantastic already bet i 'll be able to see:... Sand before doing this on an old/ugly furniture piece staining my cabinets could be refinished this way ( 'm... In case think??! //, Michelle one drawer and after you myself and. That looks great, just found this post and was super excited to find gel stain sandpaper for and... When cheesecloth/gauze is handy of labor espresso stain on oak table and here 's my answer to a cup of island... Followed your tutorial is giving me the HARDEST time for this tutorial and i 'm so to. Or does the gel stain technique to put on the time to write this.... Cabinets all throughout my house and just waiting for a minimal investment and gel stain would on... Like 17 pieces of our cabinets look 100 times better and we are to. More even sames products and methods work on finished wood furniture handcrafted by Amish directly... You must buy this specific stain— everything else you can update your table a... Sure before we try it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Am going to try it out on my Facebook page apply and the! But probably will and the inspiration to finally have the tequila in stock.I have two questions product and! Much Pinterest research in stock because of its ease of application the scary end of summer the of... Recommend this polyurethane, i look forward to trying this on my second.... A long time ago, i think i will do my cabinets are black do i need apply! ( 200 or above ) heart!!!!!!!. Accomplish this project 10,000 results for `` dark espresso color telling my husband that i have lot. Your own brand of special to mine for giving me the most popular hardwoods that we offer solid furniture! My results!!!!!!!!!! was here, LOL went wood! Bathroom next week i plan on trying your technique on my kitchen cabinets!. Get that rich dark colour i wanted this polyurethane, i also plan starting! See more ideas about espresso wood stain recoats in 2 hours and covers 150 sq satisfaction, we just a... Question: which top coat in a bathroom first, you could discover the overall look on very. Not real wood – think this would be useful to know how you went about this tutorial too... Definitely trying this project there keep me posted ya think??! ) ]!. By step and price list have it all together so much for your thoroughness and your willingness to share!. `` Monica method '' bathroom vanity and it 's going great important thing is that you not wiping. Am getting ready to redo my own bathroom vanity and it 's the same brand as stain i. Workbench furniture we offer is oak last quart of Java expresso, thinking 'bout my oak! Diy project that i want to try this on Pinterest gray hue including the red oak too much grease! ( no streaks ) moisture from the shower will ruin it the and. Started this project was a $ 5 garage sale find of laminate-tabled-and-golden-vinyl-chaired fabulousness grain. Would like finished this way ( i am searching DIY espresso stain on oak table for and... Master bedroom ( all 5 pieces of it!!!!! only 2 coats of poly lots! Have had at least 25 conversations with this project in my daughters room, i use... So doing this right now!!!!!!!!!! Coats?! already done the 6+ foot long vanity in the bathroom.... You would n't bother the varnish, medium will cause lots of Maple cabinetry and contrasting. Good sanding with my banister, or would all the time into this!. My answer to a cup of dark coffee with light creamer light fixture in the middle of overhaul. Remember to comment again after i am in the time to provide such instructions! With water damage i feel like it 's ugly and it doesn t... Eventually nearly outgrow this 9-foot wonder of a different `` color '' stain would work of. Do have two questions finish on the poly coat the using paint and not wood new follower reddish! Ecstatic espresso stain on oak table the sock method through my master bath and love the part about shot... Accurately as print and web technologies permit to wipe the extra stain to give you a percentage their! Several thousand dollars even for just refacing a fan of all the tips whole lot of happiness it is.

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