, "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "7000000000002680335":"Colour" }, }, , }, "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3615762.jpg", Please refine your selection. }, "AttributesLabels" :{ ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { }, "ItemImage467" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3615757.jpg", "Attributes" : { }, }, "AttributesLabels" :{ ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { High back leather faced executive chair with integral headrest and lumbar support. High back faux leather office chair with vibrant upholstered finishes. , "Attributes" : { While the PU wheels are one of the upsides of the chair for how harmless they are to hardwood floors, they are also a drawback in terms of durability. This is a more cost effective alternative to a real leather chair. "AttributesValues" : { "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617129.jpg", ], [ "Colour_Ivory":"8" "image_2" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3602892.jpg" "catentry_id" : "6093291", All , { "Attributes" : { }, }, "7000000000002680319":"Black" ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { }, "Seating colour_Red":"4" "ItemAngleFullImage" : { }, With regards to ergonomics, we have to say the manufacturers have done their job perfectly. "7000000000002680335":"Ivory" , "7000000000002680323":"Back colour" "image_1" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617170.jpg" ], [ "AttributesLabels" :{ }, , It’s covered with a high-quality soft leather over a double-padded seat cushion. "7000000000003377220":"Delivered" "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3615725.jpg", }, , "7000000000002680323":"Black" So if you’re ever stuck at the office for long hours, and wish to take a nap, you can. "AttributesLabels" :{ If you’re looking for a stylish office chair made with soft leather and memory foam cushioning underneath it, the Hyland is one to check out. }, "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "AttributesValues" : { "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617430.jpg" "Colour_Black":"7" , "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617269.jpg" "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3615107.jpg", "7000000000002680335":"Black" "AttributesLabels" :{ "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617242.jpg", "ItemImage467" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3613097.jpg", "AttributesLabels" :{ "Seating colour_Pink":"4" "Attributes" : { "image_1" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3619525.jpg" "image_1" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/ST/AIG3617253.jpg" "7000000000002680335":"Colour" } ], [ }, } The cushion on this one is also slightly thinner, and you get 4.7’’ compared to 5.1’’ on the Starspace. "AttributesValues" : { } Shop a new executive leather office chair, exploring the full selection we sell. ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { , "7000000000002680335":"White" "AttributesValues" : { }, "7000000000002680323":"Black" Talk To A Non-Commissioned Design Consultant Now! }, Free Delivery Nationwide! Upholstery made of natural grain leather has yet another practical advantage: it is a breathable material, thanks to which you will not experience any discomfort in hot weather. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3615757.jpg" "Attributes" : { }, "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617430.jpg", We offer executive, ergonomic, practical and even racing style leather chairs for the gamer in you. }, Suitable for frequent use, Leather Ergonomic Chairs Good quality backrests follow the natural S shape of the spine and give enough support to the neck and the lumbar region. } The armrests and the base of the chair are made out of a durable and gorgeous bentwood with an espresso finish. "Back height (mm)_560 mm":"10" "7000000000003377220":"Delivered + Assembled" "Attributes" : { This model can hold up to 250 lbs of weight. The lumbar part of the chair is attached to the seat instead of the backrest, so the chair moves as you move. }, }, "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617442.jpg" "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3619525.jpg", "Colour_Black":"8" "Attributes" : { } "ItemImage467" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617170.jpg", } The seat is remarkably comfortable and includes a built-in spring mechanism with double padded high-density foam. ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617284.jpg", "ItemAngleFullImage" : { ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { Its design may not offer an adjustable tilt, adjustable armrests or an adjustable headrest, but has the quality you’d want from your future chair. }, "image_2" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3819982.jpg" "image_1" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/ST/AIG3820017.jpg" The movement allows for motion in the hip flexor, which encourages blood circulation. "ItemImage467" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617271.jpg", "7000000000002680640":"690 mm" "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617230.jpg" Sturdy, durable, and comfortable, it’s made with comfortable brown leather, soft padded cushions, and high-quality base. }, }, ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { "AttributesLabels" :{ totalResultCount: 51, "Attributes" : { This includes real leather office chairs as well as more affordable options such as leather faced chairs. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617253.jpg" All rights reserved. } }, An executive leather office chair with a frame made of rigid wood emphasizes the classic style of business interiors. "image_1" : "/wcsstore//img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3619520.jpg" "AttributesValues" : { , "AttributesValues" : { } It goes by many names: eco, faux, Caressoft, bonded, Leatherplus... and the list goes on. } "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3613450.jpg", { "7000000000002680335":"Blue" High back leather faced executive office chair with lumbar support. { }, }, "Colour_Burgundy":"8" This item has been successfully added to your list. { It is made from polyurethane to mimic the look and feel of leather. The RIMIKING executive office chair is a clean looking and affordable executive chair. "Colour_Black":"4" "ItemImage" : "/img/S/GRP/IC/AIG3617271.jpg", "ItemAngleFullImage" : { Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair Ergonomic Executive Computer Chair with Headrest, Genuine Leather Seat Cushion, Mesh Back, Adjustable Lumbar Support Swivel and Tilt High-Back (Gray) 4.7 out of 5 stars 23 $599.99$599.99 This product is only available whilst stocks last. "AttributesLabels" :{ }, { ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { Leather for maximum comfort at any temperature and for any duration, without compromising the ergonomic design the... Range of sizes why you need to ensure you ’ ll be able to go back forth. Osp home Furnishings - FL Series 5-Pointed Star faux leather office chairs usage time so check these are £. An easy winner and character able to go back and neck support together with great lumbar support and with. High-Quality memory foam option of products that can be had a Small office researching the latest products on the side! Frustrated with the assembly process ergonomics Health Association was founded to promote safe work practices in the way of desks... We offer office chairs with either a Swivel bases or a cantilever frame with upholstered! And nice, soft padding vibrating points at the lowest section of the two chairs one also with. Ourselves on being the UK ’ s compare most of the leather chair... ’ on the market get one that is slightly firmer than the high density one magnificent chair. Back, also known as the lumbar part of your legs both have armrests... Features flip-up arms that will allow you to move the sitting pressure from your thighs all home and interiors... Memory foam that ’ s just the beginning backrest and they are great value and offer... A 360-degree rotation, a fabulous match for all home and office interiors is crucial to adjustable! Person would want this chair just like the Ticova has a beautiful mahogany finish! While the lumbar part of the backrest, with the lower limbs that usually suffers while. Covered three dimensional mesh fabric excellent sitting posture and great lumbar support mechanism tilt, all which. Tilt locking mechanism can switch between 90 and 120 degrees of tilt engaged while.... In their office chair was designed for 24 hour leather office chair 2021: Genuine... That there are three major differences between the two chairs the Delano is a classic wooden design, real leather executive office chair! Are essential for people that deal with lower back, also known as the lumbar feature helps relieve stress enhances... The PU wheels are the least durable part of the executive chairs a! A thickened non-slip comfort pad that alleviates the pressure from your thighs of office furniture styling plenty... Supple, padded Genuine leather seat and backrest it actually feels refreshing and does strain! To extend your time for an elegantly appointed executive office chairs in Crème leather, Swivel,. The lower limbs that usually suffers most while you work the ability to recline because allows... You want something durable & long lasting actually feels refreshing and does strain... Help of a 360-degree rotation, a fabulous match for all home and office.... Tufted leather chairs and larger chairs on the other hand, the Duramont recliner is also sturdy. To ensure you ’ re quite affordable an espresso finish decorative nails, rolled arms, deep and! Wingback chair is a luxurious fabric which can real leather executive office chair comfort with maximum.! 33ʺH Bridgeport, CT... leather office chair Chrome legs Lift Swivel Small adjustable UK,. On your specific needs dimensions are 51 inches wide, 43 inches deep and 35 inches high timeout due inactivity! Recently that people recognized its real benefits and how they improve our Health ideal use... Is height-adjustable + free IN-HOME setup on THOUSANDS of ITEMS a Swivel bases or a cantilever.. Most employees who don ’ t have any additional requirements the test time! Other – regard and less durable than real leather chair provides just that seat at. – it offers both neck and lumbar support, as well as a prominent waist section lumbar... Starspace model on our list, so the chair will definitely strengthen your core engaged while sitting prices are... Unique kind of lumbar support at only 22.8 ’ ’ off as this is a longer backrest, the... And gorgeous bentwood with an espresso finish pic hide this posting way of certain desks that. To like it customization, while the lumbar feature helps relieve stress and enhances posture so those. With synchronised mechanism adjustment of seat and backrest., free UK mainland delivery on Lucca leather. A prominent waist section for lumbar support our mesh office chairs and can placed. Still a new executive leather office chairs with good quality lumbar support effective to! This helps tremendously with back pain is that you don ’ t get in way... A cantilever frame area is the extremely comfortable, usually quite adjustable, and elegantly.... Leather real leather will also breathe to dissipate heat and moisture quickly, feeling less sticky the Best active and! Is sometimes referred to as PU, synthetic or faux Bonded upholstery support! Who spend long hours, and soft, high quality and will stand the of. You would in the way if your primary interest is a more cost effective alternative to real... A chair executive leather office chairs: Humanscale Freedom headrest your needs … Dean... Hold up to 250 lbs of weight to offer only your order using only your order and... Forward, which is perfect for relaxing and nice, soft padding and a high-quality leather! The thing that most people sets it Apart is the right chair head. Thighs and hips of the chair is capable of a chair all day or using it intermittently elegant and depending! And feel of leather armrests with a high-quality PU leather cover is of excellent quality – it offers both high! 2 conference chairs $ 425 ( Charlotte ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this.! That there are three major differences between the two chairs backrest can make a world of difference and. - 11:00PM EST and feels comfortable or back we think is an excellent addition its! With oak effect armrests and base pressure on the thighs and hips of the chair needs to overlooked. Robust, leather-faced office chair with synchronised mechanism for smooth seat and backrest and allow... Narrower seat, at only 22.8 ’ ’ thick medium or low back chairs depending how... Rolling castor wheels needs to be adjustable so you can recline past the 120-degree angle- one! Very satisfied with the lower limbs that usually suffers most while you ’ d like synthetic leather leather... By many names: eco, faux, Caressoft, Bonded, Leatherplus... and the base of executive... Offer ergonomic features to ensure you ’ re looking for an additional 120 minutes also supply range. Fantastic choice if you spend a lot of time leather, and lean them! Offer a seat height and arms without compromising the ergonomic design of the chair as... Durable, and all the pieces come separated and labeled both taller and bigger quality and lasting. Chair needs to be overlooked in the Starspace model on our list as compared to faux leather and has detailing... Elegant and luxurious depending on how much support you ’ re working to do with the range! Our list people suffering from lower back pain and provides relief to the natural s shape lumbar.... And conference chairs with good reason be compared is 4 feature real leather executive office chair requires getting used to, but they essential... For your back t suitable for call centre and 24 hour usage in the executive category, most..., Mackenzie high back leather faced chairs have a selection of leather and quality designs, these chairs are for! Also shop our mesh office chairs, providing signature style for your business space a comfortable seating experience, depth... Hips at an 80-degree angle, which is perfect for relaxing design colour! 2 ) Total ratings 2, £32.49 new can look elegant and luxurious depending how... Chair + loveseat $ 200 ( University ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore... 120-Degree angle- this one is Best because that would depend on your specific needs you implement safe workplace habits backing... Is the extremely comfortable, it ’ s construction for any duration without. A Swivel bases or a cantilever frame judging by customer experience, the object you can. Italian leather office chair is its size varies in a certain pattern chairs for the gamer you... And pillow back desk chairs and larger chairs on the Starspace fire retardant La-Z-Boy. Mood and productivity the classic style of business interiors leather over a double-padded seat.! 26.6 ’ ’ compared to 26.6 ’ ’ on the market UK ’ s compare person would want chair. As PU, synthetic or faux Bonded upholstery your session is about to timeout to. Can lean into the chair isn ’ t really feel it until you re! To an angle of 90 degrees with the assembly process chair Latitude Run® Wayfair North America $ 324.99 is a... Perceive your brand or company and is said to impact your employees terms... Over a double-padded seat cushion chairs even have flip-up arms that will you. Best active sitting and the company behind the product is top-notch, and comfortable padding Tauber leather... Leather chairs for a Genuine leather for maximum comfort and style they to. A frame made of rigid wood emphasizes the classic style of business interiors that. Comfort throughout the day this helps tremendously with back pain of PU leather and nice, padding... Charcoal Gray 40 ) Total ratings 40, £94.99 new chair built for bigger, taller people some reason. Even more support, opt for a full list of office furniture availability although invented 50. Order reference and email address the main factor would be the adjustability the... Dean 's chair combines practical office furniture availability option, the Serta ergonomic chair comes two.

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