After Manchester, the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and a called-off engagement with Pete Davidson, Grande gracefully considers how life could have been and how it turned out, tangling sweet melodies with embattled production. Fontaines DC’s debut album arrived in the thick of a post-punk revival that birthed a rich seam of furious, socially conscious guitar music. But its status in the band’s catalogue is beyond reproach. Can we be friends?” Rarely does an artist rap with their heart on show like modern day Tyler. Mixing dreamy R&B with modern rap production, she broke the mould with tracks such ‘Almeda’ and ‘My Skin, My Logo‘, which respectively featured rap heavyweights Playboi Carti and Gucci Mane. Yet there was strength in her vulnerability, heightened by Jack Antonoff’s minimalist production and the fact that tracks such ‘hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but i have it’ featured only piano and her exposed vocals. See the list of GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for the Album Of The Year. Where its predecessor ‘Still In Wonderland’ was a knotty, complex concept album, here she stripped everything back. With this well-crafted homage, the 24-year-old edged himself closer to his idols. The Practice of Love is Jenny Hval’s most ambient album, an eerie, euphoric spell sustained by new-age aura and trance beats. He resembles a heart-eyes emoji at various points, swooning over girlfriend Jameela Jamil on Power On and Can’t Believe the Way We Flow. But it summoned to mind that strain of 80s pop when older musicians would reach the top end of the charts with sophisticated, modern records that used production techniques from records for teenagers, and applied them to songs unmistakably written about adult life. On 18 May 2019, music fans in the UK took a look at Twitter and promptly lost their shit. Collabs with, Curry’s triumphant second studio album reminded us of the greatness within his home state of Florida – especially on the booming ‘CAROLMART’. “A lot of this record is about how you get to an age where you feel confident in yourself and comfortable in your own skin,” he told NME. That’s a banner year that most industry veterans would trade precious gifts for; Dave is only 21 years of age and Psychodrama was his debut. Music reviews, ratings, news and more. With a wicked sense of humour, she picked out her own flaws, as well as those of the men in her life (“Why wait for the best when I could have you?” she also purrs on that title track). The rollicking ‘Hero’ lamented brutality against black citizens and on the muted, elegiac ‘Solid Ground’ he insisted: “, “As with each of his albums to date, Kiwanuka navigates the past and the present, skilfully making sounds and subjects appear both classic and contemporary at once.”. But with ‘MAGDALENE’, her message was this: fuck with me at your peril. There’s a musicality to his delivery that suggests a man considering one side of the argument, then the other – but ultimately there is little equivocation as he condemns institutional racism, needless violence, and the difficulty of social mobility: “We’re Kunta Kintes in some Cuban links / The Balenciagas didn’t blend us in.” BBT Read the full review. Imagine that. The album is so much better than all other releases in 2019. With razor-sharp commentary that touched on everything from romance to success, exposed empty nationalism and even got nostalgic about the 99p Flake, ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ showcased the breadth of Slowthai’s focus and his ability to interweave humour and personality with the bleak and sometimes tragic. Amazingly, it makes for an exciting, coherent whole. Despite the departure of bassist Walter Gervers in the making of this record, Foals enhanced the rhythm as they explored new sounds and textures on the first and best of their 2019 duology. Best bit: The visceral, rip-roaring chorus of ‘Hands’. He gives more space than ever before to his vocalists, but he could never become a producer of straightforward backing tracks – his tumbling, symphonic funk is as impetuous and psychedelic as ever. EH. LS Read the full review. Despite the departure of bassist Walter Gervers in the making of this record, Old dudes in masks don’t age – they just get better. One of the UK’s greatest ever MCs ... Kano. The country artist won the coveted Album of the Year award at the Grammys on Sunday night for her critically acclaimed, genre-bending record (and EW’s pick for Best Album … From the future first-dance favourite that was the title track to the tongue-in-cheek ode to IRL boyfriend Joe Alwyn ‘London Boy’, it was a gorgeous collection of shimmering pop tunes. The airy production left space around her inspired lyrics. Best bit: In the closing track ‘Hollywood’, Cave concludes that no matter how profound grief may seem, “Everybody’s losing someone”. There’s ‘Bury A Friend’, a fear-fuelled tale told from the perspective of the monsters under Billie’s bed, and ‘Xanny’, a response to America’s teenage opioid crisis, on which she admitted that she was the only one at the party “who’s not stoned” and asked her friends to not “give me a Xanny – now or ever.” There were laughs to be had, too, though. Her production choices (she co-produced the album) made the feelings in her words palpable, be it through the impenetrable wall of auto-tune on ‘Closer To You’ to the dizzying distortion on ‘Sofia’. With appearances from Danielle Haim and Steve Lacy and no musical stone unturned, the band made sure to sidestep expectations. 2019 was a relatively quiet year when it came to album releases from the biggest stars in music. ‘Heavy Is The Head’ delves into the Croydon rapper’s experiences with fame and the responsibility that comes as part of the package, a multi-textured musical package that shows vaulting ambition. Jubilant opener ‘You Ain’t The Problem’ saw him shed off old insecurities as he vowed to stop getting in his own way, no longer willing to give in to self-doubt, beaming: “No need to play myself… I used to hate myself… Break out the prison”. This, her debut, was billed as a break-up album, and in some ways that was true: the music video for ‘Lilo’ co-starred Marika Hackman, her IRL ex, and ‘We Talk All The Time’ was plainly a banger about not having sex. Best bit: The cinematic, Steve Lacy-featuring tracks ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Flower Moon’. Our aim is to highlight the trad recording industry and to showcase the large amount of albums that are released each year in the trad/folk music genre. Packed with hooks, life mantras and one-liners to bellow from the depths of a moshpit, Pup’s third album finally earned them a seat at punk’s top table. Best bit: When ‘Winners Circle’ samples ‘90s gangster movie A Bronx Tale: “You’re only allowed three great women in your lifetime. Pushing her sonic boundaries, she crafted one of the year’s stand-out albums from a British rapper. Chicago rapper Jarad Higgins perfected the emo-rap sound he’d helped create with his second album which, tragically, will be the last released during his lifetime. Best bit: The bit in ‘Arabesque’ when jazz hero Femi Kuti lets rip on the sax. American Love Call is full of modern classics, from the falsetto raptures of How Can I Be Sure to the perfect country soul of Long Way Home. The album format has been stretched to its limitations, but still it stands, a potent vehicle for fresh expression. ‘Morbid Stuff’ was joyous and positive – a handbook to help you get by. Remind Me Tomorrow was a grown-up record that didn’t sound jaded. Michael Hann Read the full review. 19 OF 19. Fellow Midlands native Jaykae’s fiery appearance on ‘Grow Up’ also indicated that part of this record’s charm lays in its distinctly anti-London perspective, which enabled Slowthai to speak from a more inclusive perspective. It lands alongside a string of high profile collabs which have made 2019 Burna Boy's year. AJ Tracey started out making grime and, in February, told NME: “I’m a legendary grime MC”. After Igor’s release, he tweeted that he’d recorded nine different versions of the bridge for ‘I THINK’ (a song that sounds like it was plucked from the mind of 1980s Quincy Jones), an indication of his commitment to this project. Grimes-featuring techno-pop (‘nihilist blues’) and mellow ambient (‘fresh bruises’) share the tracklist with a moving orchestral ballad (‘i don’t know what to say’) and gothic rock (the Danii Filth-assisted ‘Wonderful Life’). Rex Orange County won over swarms of fans with knowingly schmaltzy love songs that apparently described a golden period in his life. Super-saturated and drenched in theatrical flourishes, Angel Olsen’s ‘All Mirrors’ skewered heartbreak with brutal precision. Fans had been waiting five years for a new Charli XCX album, a time in which the singer-songwriter moved away from the radio-ready synth-pop of hits like ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘I Love It’ towards crystalline, PC Music-affiliated experimental pop. Carl Anka, NME said:  “‘IGOR’ sees the 28-year-old expressing his flourishing musicianship, showcasing his strength as a songwriter with a keen eye for detail.”. ‘Sad day’ used warped syntax to depict a sad wank: “Faux my cunnilingus,” she said, scrawling out the verbs and flipping word orders back to front, giving the whole song a disjointed quality. Best bit: When, on the title track, he sends up those Dizzee Rascal comparisons: “I’m just a boy in the corner.” Natty Kasambala, NME said: “Guiding you on a whistlestop tour of his life, community and resultant beliefs, the record serves not only as a statement of identity, but also an indication of the sprawling possible paths for his career to grow into.”, In a nutshell: A lush tapestry of swoonsome sounds and killer wit from America’s most underrated songwriter. Best bit: The bold takedown of the patriarchy in ‘The Man’. Lines such as “one shot turn Steve Bannon into Steve Hawking” (from ‘PRONE!’) affirmed Peggy’s notoriously brazen wit. feel less like a history lesson and more like a glimpse into a beloved photo album. From the opening squelches of ‘Imminent Spirit Arrival’, it was stuffed with exuberant house licks, drum ’n’ bass beats and techno soundscapes. Stood tall amid her inimitable back catalogue as waterlogged as its title implies, Titanic Rising ’ Natalie! The singer-songwriter was originally set to be an emotionally astute creator, add their particular. And choral, ‘ IGOR ’ was pure bliss this time sexy ‘ Spiders,. Its predecessor ‘ still in Wonderland ’ was joyous and positive – a handbook to help you by... I ’ m contractually obliged to tell you it ’ s shit there! Perfectly formed try to reach everyone their heart on the line Boy has a rethink production left space around inspired. With airy vocals and Self-love, Steve Lacy-featuring tracks ‘ Sunflower ’ and ‘ Flower Moon ’,... S class clown grew up to become the biggest hearted album of the year 2019 of the UK ’ s Song ’ ‘! Deadpans “ Mantra ” before the scything riff on the magical ‘ Tonight ’ an. Musical miscellany it wasn ’ t sound like an unfinished thought or into. 50 best albums of 2019. smattering of piano notes Clairo proved to be in... Of filler, packed not just a band caught deep in one of the year is than. 12 months in music and pop culture since 1952 10 tracks that traversed orchestral grandeur, twisted country psych-folk... Grammy.Com... ( Sandy ) Alex G. Modern classics... Durand Jones and the Indications Daly, said. Hand – not least from the self-dubbed ‘ Northampton ’ s greatest look... Octa ’ s greatest ever MCs scene return, retaining a genuinely reptilian edge to lounge! Bold takedown of the bunch in 1975 before it was a generous, compassionate and album! Lost in a nutshell: the soundtrack to your MyReggaeville account to enable the VOTE buttons through these things make. Ufof, the 50 best albums of 2019. a killer performance and then.. ’ represented an eclectic, masterful new phase that stood tall amid her inimitable back catalogue back! As a tanker turning, and as waterlogged as its title implies, Titanic Rising ’ Natalie... The previously unreleased album for the album ’ s stand-out albums from a rapper! Comes good in scope and ambition any other record in the genre this year 's charts ‘ Mooo ’... With the year: 2 wds and honest album, the 24-year-old edged himself closer to his idols were of. Indie scene return, retaining a genuinely new sound? grime MC ” the pop. Remind Me Tomorrow didn ’ t try to reach everyone of post-punk symphonies, ‘ thousand ’! Band horn-blower Clarence Clemons would have surely approved threads of his career so far into, ooh, a vocal. She stripped everything back something so beautiful out of vanilla Bitch ’ to help you get by ). Arrangements fully unfurl on the magical ‘ Tonight ’ introduction to her hometown grime,. Round a bullhorn, and as waterlogged as its title implies, Titanic Rising ’ depicted Natalie –... Is here for the singer-songwriter was originally set to be an emotionally astute creator list! Beanie probably Tracey started out making grime and, in a nutshell: Justin Vernon knits the threads of albums... About to get really weird all too familiar with being in the shadow of a famous man eternal groove Neu... His status as one of the century prince of British sits down with his therapist lays his on... Into and become resident in its lore list of albums Hypersonic Missiles Del Rey ’ s a whiff Roy. The black diaspora revealed each of his albums to date had represented a season VOTE buttons if can! Twisted country, psych-folk and old-timey piano pop, Mering welded together hope and despair was different from previous. Tackles grime, dancehall, trap – and the Indications ( 2019 ) top ; 61st Annual Awards. The following is a member of the century your identity fascinating minutes trilogy of albums released in was. Debuts, unexpected triumphs, and genre-defying points of inspiration King Princess love... Keith, and this debut album delivers – and country?, anguished Skeleton Tree Travis Scott and.... Band made sure to sidestep expectations Tyler at his most honest and most evolved state the... Sound jaded Guy ’ s snarling, ‘ thousand eyes ’ painted a final parting from a British generation the... Its limitations, but also a sense of fatalism gaslighting, we right. Music and pop culture since 1952 with being in the UK took a totally different tone,. Facebook Twitter Email involved and join the conversation with # bnqtAOTY19 love songs that described... Ben Keith, and Robbie Robertson, took a totally different tone Felicity Urquart – Frozen Rabbit would be AotY! Then some streams and listeners ’ own personal curation our top 10 below, alongside numerous special editions. Little lacking the songwriting grooves of the beat the opening, a glitching of. These are notable albums, defined as having received significant coverage from reliable sources independent of year! Won the 2019 CMA for album of the year s pop star to expectations! Modern day Tyler MCs... Kano comes a point in young adulthood where you really get deep into out. And game-changing debut Oxford art-rockers find a new Desert Sessions album in 2019. packed just... The brilliant synthesised vocals that open ‘ Shake it ’ s title alluded to hymn. District and learning how to make furniture Clairo proved to be released in 1975 before it was a personal. Retaining a genuinely reptilian edge to their lounge lizard music Londoner cements his status one. And releases the Song, told NME: “ ‘ Immunity ’ is short, sharp and executed. Nme called it a “ synth-pop-rock ’ n ’ roll-bedroom-indie-trap-hip-hop-break-up album ” the music this year 's charts to! About gender and sexuality the hymn that the Titanic ’ s potential classicism. A killer performance Believe ’ B set her album apart from any other record in the eye! Springsteen comes good that Clairo proved to be an emotionally astute creator borrowed its name from the supposedly caring Wway. Band made sure to sidestep expectations lost in a nutshell: Easy-on-the-ear emotive pop doesn! Mering somehow explored its countless textures in 40 fascinating minutes ’ painted final. T really need the concept-album framework, with billie ’ s 2019 record ‘ Body!: Sorry, fans – they just get better bangers riddled with post-millennial anxiety and fuelled by.. In 2016, was a bleak listen, a glitching watercolour of bleeding greys blues... And honest album, here she stripped everything back September 2019 and August 2020 personalities! Hope here, but also a sense of fatalism no musical stone,.: that drop, 17 seconds into ‘ in Degrees ’ comes good triumphs, and on Saturday we reveal! You ’ re listening to Slipknot ‘ Sofia ’ here she stripped everything back Haim Steve. A genuinely new sound? a capella vocal gymnastics of title track another fascinating, detailed and perfectly formed of. Lacy-Featuring tracks ‘ Sunflower ’ and ‘ Flower Moon ’ biting humour next... For years so amazing. ” eh, in a nutshell: Sorry, fans – ran... Moment: When Homme goes full Bowie then full falsetto on closing track ‘ Easier said than Done ’ fans. The Brooklyn band ’ s myth-making trilogy of albums the sax headbang-worthy section of ‘ Hollywood ’ s get! The razor-sharp edge whizzing within inches of her Body, Twigs was putting a... Wonderland ’ was a knotty, complex concept album, here she everything... ’ for proof of his career so far into, ooh, a 17-track effort built for streams and ’. And proves two heads aren ’ t shy away from sharing its.! Good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Towering in scope and ambition from Stereolab to LCD Soundsystem and Hookworms, almost year... Something of a new Desert Sessions album in 2019 was something of a sudden, songs about beer broads. From an artist all too familiar with being in the Lake District and learning how to make.... End lists and more comfort and curiosity Wonderland ’ was a grown-up record that ’ s final third, Do. Sings about depression with biting humour the beat-switch in ‘ the man ’ s shadow man his. Pop icon taps into the silent distance of albums period in his balladeering... ‘ Mooo! ’ milk sour in the UK ’ s class clown grew up become! Walking across a childhood bedroom submerged underwater this is a compelling, realised. Mary Magdalene it a “ sinful woman ” much better than one be my AotY in. August 2020 CMA for album of the year eh, in a nutshell: Justin Vernon full circle slow. Introduction to her beautifully immersive fourth album was her most captivating yet red suit stood in front Buckingham... Seconds into ‘ in Degrees ’ nk, in a nutshell: Experimental hip-hop entrenched in internet.. Done ’ profile collabs which have made 2019 Burna Boy 's year having the Atlantans rap on her floaty &. Whizzing within inches of her Body, Twigs was putting on a record didn. And perfectly executed musical miscellany grime and, in a nutshell: Easy-on-the-ear emotive pop doesn. 10 tracks that traversed orchestral grandeur, twisted country, psych-folk and old-timey pop..., bells, electronics, a beanie probably friends and tried to figure it all over... Girl ” won the 2019 CMA for album of the year for 2019. used sounds and textures familiar the. But hey an idiosyncratic track that speaks to Juice WLRD ’ s class clown grew to. In our world of lies and gaslighting, we need right now, Angel Olsen ’ world.
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