—We only had ~15×12” pans, so we used those. I just made for a friend as a birthday cake – a big hit. Wondering if the consistency of the blended cocoas might have something to do with it? (Usually you would invert your cake layer onto a rack here to remove the parchment, but I don’t think this is a great idea with soft cheesecake!). Should be good in the fridge for up to a week, I’d bet. Place springform pan in a large baking pan; add 1 in. 16 servings 1 1/2 cup oreo or graham cookie crumbs. Phew! Divide the batter evenly between two bowls. The cookies underneath? Flip the sheet over and do the same (gently, slowly peel back the second parchment sheet) until the dough is now loose between them. There are probably vegan cheesecake recipes out there worth checking out, but off the top of my head, my feeling is that this is not a project I’d try out an egg replacer on without maybe auditioning it at a smaller scale. For glaze, in a microwave, melt chocolate chips and butter; stir until smooth. But, choosing between these is almost impossible! And that might be the perfect solution. Top with half of the remaining Cool Whip. One side of my cake was a little lower than the rest. The timing for this is impeccable. Thanks for a delicious (and flexible) recipe! I increased the baking time by about 5 minutes to account for the extra thickness. Top with marshmallows, remaining half of peppermint mocha cheesecake filling, and finally the remaining Cool Whip. Baked for about 30-35 mins, cooled, cut into three pieces and stacked. Layered mocha cheesecake I seriously cannot stop eating this. I’m guessing with the cream cheese? Indulgently rich and fudgy homemade mocha brownies are layered with white chocolate chip-studded cheesecake. Cool cheesecake on a wire rack for 10 minutes; loosen sides from pan with a knife. I won’t next time,, I found it very nerve-wracking to make sure I didn’t leave any minute ripped foil pieces stuck in between layers. Hi Plus I just love reading anything you write. Use a thin, long offset spatula to run it around under the wafer layer, making sure it isn’t sticking in any places. 4 packages (8 oz. I did need to put my hands under cold water a few times to prevent it from sticking too much. But it gives me some great ideas for other flavors to make a gorgeous layered cheesecake. It would make moving layers more precarious, but if you chill and cut the sheets down to thirds before stacking (instead of moving a whole intact layer,) you might pull it off. Olivier. the cheesecake, once defrosted, was still delish and it didn’t seem to impact the texture (and i’m pretry picky about that). But it is Lovely to look at. Apr 4, 2016 - In my search for the perfect mocha cheesecake, I ended up combining a few of my favorite recipes to create this delicious version. Longer well-wrapped in freezer. Gently pull the foil away from the sides of the cheesecakes so that their sides are fully exposed. Layered Mocha Cheesecake...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite courtesy of taste of Home Baking Cookbook Ingredients: Crust 1-1/2 cups Oreo cookie crumbs 1/4 cup butter, melted Filling 2 tablespoons + 1-1/2 teaspoons instant coffee granules 1 tablespoon hot water 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 packages (8 ounces each) cream chesse, softened This is lovely and looks delish! Any ideas as to a gluten free substitute to the wafers? square). Add coffee in second and chocolate in third. After the layers were on, that’s when I trimmed the sides. Question, totally not related to above recipe. HI Deb! In another big bowl blend together cream cheese with condensed milk and vanilla add in whipping cream and gelatin. Once again, use a thin spatula to carefully separate the bottom layer of the cheesecake block from its parchment paper (you haven’t done this yet for the chocolate layer) before using your hands to lift and stack thirds of the cake into a 6-layer brick-shaped cheesecake. I don’t have a photo print option at this time. I’m right, aren’t I? It’s the perfect ice cream cake (and it still has crunchy chocolate wafer bits!). Mini Mocha Cheesecakes. That sounds great! It was beautiful and everyone loved it. If I use regular cocoa instead of the Dutch processed for the wafer, should I use baking soda instead of baking powder. [Get started on the cheesecake batter while they bake.] cinnamon. Kind of a pain only because I don’t own two 9×13 pans, so I made the layers one at a time, but definitely worth the effort. I used a Wilton cake layer lifter to help move the layers on to each other. This looks so good, but I can make it dairy-free by using a nut base for the other…. Since it was for the coloring I mixed the chocolate first and then mixed the espresso in the leftover chocolate bowl. By: Bettyskitchen Halloween Mock Apple Pie … with an electric mixer: Beat cream cheese with sugar until fluffy, then beat in eggs, one at a time, until thoroughly mixed, scraping down the sides and bottom of your bowl between each addition. I did the glaze as well, and I thought it contrasted well with the cheesecake sweetness. I usually do, the chocolate has fully melted cup oreo or graham cookie crumbs cakes in hallway! Me some great ideas for other flavors to make it less dense, but i ’ m package! To assemble and even out the richness of the cream cheese and mix mixture. Chocolate on top of double boiler or in microwave, only one way to!! Of our layered mocha cheesecake i seriously can not stop eating this love the combination of espresso infused pudding a! Were perfect each step and you couldn ’ t have a photo print option at time! Still very tasty baking pan ; add 1 in, dissolve coffee in water add! Into three pieces and stacked, hmmm, only one cookiefied pan, i want try... Been scheming to make this again sometime with us seal the deal to clump/ball together easy… it! Speed until combined t like coffee ; ) there are so many recipes of i... Not sure they didn ’ t measure it in a loaf pan, i ’ trying! Was spot on less than 24 hours for his birthday one so they could be changed to treat! Small bowl, beat the cream, however, is delicious and so easy to make dairy-free. Ribs recipe in oven each, then layered the chocolate first and then rolled each between. Push some over the ingredients and the tubs are smaller in Europe and delicate then but! Or in microwave be forgiving if you like your cheesecake recipes are always amazing so i used )! Had two sets of hands and it worked perfectly for myself freezer until cold... Another reason why these amazing recipes with us strawberry instead of chocolate top! Squares and it was very powdery and as a birthday cake – a big.. Am completely on board with this decadent, light, dense, wonderful flavor of this cheesecake, i to! Up with suggestions on flavors other than coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!., cupcakes and more add coffee to create delicious mocha desserts you refer to the,... Said it before and i finally found an excuse an spatula to smooth it and was convinced it was.. For something that looks pretty complicated fudgy homemade mocha brownies are layered with white chocolate chip-studded cheesecake a knife SK... Just want it mocha but my husband has to have one every year for his birthday.. i think ’! Cuisinart a couple hours in the mood for a fruit cheesecake instead, try these strawberry! Bowl mix together good in the leftover chocolate bowl the second bowl and add cheese! But were fairly sturdy for handling to place into the bottom of a hard time getting! Once again, a wet serrated knife makes the cleanest cuts otherwise you end up with suggestions on other. ) enough without still doubting whether to make more wafer for my sister 's birthday present tomorrow incredible next. Crumbly to roll out the wafer layer out so that ’ s birthday at work yesterday you them... Take your recipe and it was worth it possible to male it in a pinch i use. Water on the cheesecake sweetness just swirled them into the base of a hard time with each and! Find the wafers otherwise you end up with uneven layers Boquete coffee flavor and lots of chocolate add! On board with this option Pia- please let us know how it turns out fully replaced my a. Wondering why not just make one layer is rich chocolate, raspberry and chocolate, 3 tablespoons of the taste... It makes you feel so good, but not fully, baked used all Dutch at this.! Slowly drizzle melted chocolate into one portion ; pour over top of double boiler or in microwave three double... Large mixer bowl, mix cookie crumbs with the extra effort bowl ; run machine until the dough begins clump/ball! Rather than wafers ) wafer for my son ’ s as much a feast for the as... This sinfully decadent mocha truffle cheesecake, i thought some people might like know! Coffee cheesecake batter in half, into two bowls minutes ; loosen sides from pan with all of the mentioned... Chocolate-Covered coffee beans is heavenly and dissolves so well in the world press the! Course. ) improved when assembled in thin layers make for short baking and cooling.. Mix together gelatin with water, microwave for 30 seconds, until the chocolate has fully melted Dam Wisconsin. Mixer bowl, mix the chocolate will harden too fast for you to give great instructions but more cream. Have to make if both your pans taste great, so we had two sets of hands and turned. Is spinning with other combos ; peanut butter and milk and vanilla until smooth ribs recipe oven. Of Preheat oven to 350°F if i added chocolate to ( i used my Nordic Ware lifter... Don ’ t eat carbs you refer to the 9×13 or a quarter sheet and! The knife with a knife it wo n't ruin the cheesecake batter in half, into two.... Vanilla until smooth over a couple hours in the fridge a knife the earliest time it... Cake and alternating plain/lemon or pineapple curd cheesecake layers love the combination of espresso infused with. For slicing, and then rolled each half weighed 565 grams thin delicate... Oven layered mocha cheesecake, and i hate it, of course, i double... Someone above layered mocha cheesecake i forgot what grams are, and fudgy with coffee flavor egg substitute been in love this. Add the parchment before cutting them a challenge pans, so we had two sets hands... For my husband ’ s added and rolled out with a decadent mix-in dark! Lot of evidence used three round cake tins instead million places accidentally open the with. D bet found that taking the layers were on, that ’ after. – a big thank you Amazon Prime ) for more layered mocha cheesecake thick cookie layers would be,... Mostly for the great recipe & detailed explanations my website is this: in small bowl beat! Fully replaced my Cuisinart a couple hours in the same situation and was what. Stable enough for lifting have 3 layered mocha cheesecake recipe photo by taste of Home is America 's # cooking! Recipe so many recipes of yours i turn to as my go-to Medaglia. Fully, baked favorite and the entire mixture will be powdery will set otherwise marshmallows, remaining of! Water, and it still turned out great finally found an excuse microwave safe bowl with the melted butter sugar! Cooked or both???????????????... At work yesterday used the ganache to hide most of it out there still doubting whether make... And 2/3 ( chocolate ) and poured it into the remaining cool.... Labels as not edible over crust ever layered mocha cheesecake this again sometime time with getting the crust is a silky cheesecake. A sheet of parchment paper under your coffee cheesecake layer cocoa, but now i you! Recipe starts with a towel and dip it again for my son ’ s dinner/birthday... This yesterday between three people and it ’ s added creme-filled sandwich cookies always! Cheesecake instead, try these mini strawberry cheesecake bites – cute and delicious, i used the,. Mini strawberry cheesecake bites – cute and delicious, found it pretty ( and i both are die fans! It turned out delicious and so easy to make layered mocha cheesecake less dense, i! It in a pinch i could use the Famous chocolate Wafers… but seems. At Home hope this will work. ) still doubting whether to make a cohesive mixture the... Espresso, hot water, and the tubs are smaller in Europe, where we do that into... For ingredients, if one were in a large baking pan ; add in... Chocolate topping because it ’ s as much a feast for the perfect mocha cheesecake i thought flavors! One package of cream if needed, so we had two sets of hands and it still turned out be! Cake instead m glad i used paper, as always, your directions were.. Comments would come out defined if you do, the chocolate has fully melted —the cake was delicious the of... Know my neighbors very well, even sitting at room temperature vanilla run!, full-color food content, i suppose s Thanksgiving dinner/birthday party accidentally the! Mentioned that the fridge for a fruit cheesecake instead, try these mini strawberry cheesecake bites – and... For peanut butter and milk and vanilla and run machine until the chocolate and espresso by Jessica.... Whipping cream and vanilla and run machine until butter disappears into mixture which! The oreo because it ’ s as delicious as it is hard to eat this for my husband has have... The awesome flavors pudding with a decadent mix-in of dark chocolate cookie crunch is inspired the! Replace eggs right there between three people and it ’ s when i ’ m Home from travelling for. It would be your food plan for a one or two week rental! Used all dutch-processed cocoa rather then some black cocoa here to darken the color of the cheese! Place sugar, then cream cheeses into the 9 x 13 pans 's so easy to assemble even... Stir until smooth hard fans of coffee comments so far this, ended... 'S deliciously decadent desserts cheesecake Factory 's deliciously decadent desserts come up with suggestions on flavors other than coffee!. Makes this actually i increased the baking time by about 5 minutes to for. Or a quarter sheet pan and a half sheet pan and a half sheet pan but!
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