The Sri Yantra is a 12,000 year old symbol and is considered the mother of all Yantras. Mars and Ketu. Vaastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Mangal dosha is a very common dosha found both equally in men and women and is known by various other names like Chowa dosha, Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha or Angarakha Dosha. In fact, Sri Yantra is the most auspicious and considered sacred of all the Yantras. 5. Mars Yantra, Mangal — Regular price $20 ... Vastu Direction Yantra — Regular price $20 Transcendence Design. The walls in the southern direction should be thicker and should have lesser openings. Read more Mantra: Om AngaaRakaya Namah Size: 2 x 2 inches Ideal for: Keeping in wallet/purse, pocket, cash boxes. Since Sampurn means 'complete' Shree Sampurn … Home / Yantras / Mangal Yantra. Light a red light bulb in the kitchen during the night, which generates the Mars energy in the Northeast kitchen; Place a Agni Yantra in South-east direction of the House; Having a Cupboard in NE: i.e either on North wall or East wall. 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra. The lines of the figures are drawn in different directions according to the desired positive or negative results. How many efforts do we buy a house or a land? Maha Purusha Yantra — Regular price $20 Transcendence Design. Weight: 0.100 kg: Dimensions: 15 × 15 × 3 cm: Related products. Any remedy? About Us. It is considered as a malefic planet in Vedic Astrology but, on the other hand, when Rahu acts like a functional benefic planet for a specific birth chart, it brings rise and success in one's life. It should be always kept on a sacred altar facing either North or East direction. Get inspired with my newsletter! Vastu - dosha is a projected flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions as per the Science of Vastu Shastra. 3. The sadhak must face certain direction and use different materials for different purposes. Energization of Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Removal Yantra. Blessed and Energised. VAASTU MANGAL “Vaastu Mangal ... Job and Business progress and success by using Gems / Metals / Colors / Crystals / Yantra / Pyramids without any structural demolition. It also represents the business of GOLD, STEEL, AGRICULTURE, WEAPONS, & LAND PROPERTY. Subscribe. 10. 1. TYPES OF YANTRAS AND THEIR BENEFITS: Shree Yantra – It is the most popular yantra dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi(Wealth). Q.What are the main problems in living a south-facing home? Yes, the positive energy generated by Mangal Yantra will boost your marriage prospects. East is the direction that brightens up first on a day, and nature conscious Vastu too places this as the first among the directions. She is also known as Chamundi and Chamundeshwari. Offer daily incense to the yantra. It is the LORD of SOUTH DIRECTION. Afterwards , let it posited or installed in northern direction at your home. This can be in the form of Rahu Yantra, Kubera Yantra or Sri Yantra. Bhoj Patra Yantra It is said in the Indian epics that the Yantras written and energized (Praan Pratishtha) on Bhoj Patra are the best Yantras to overcome the troubles and problems. Mangal Yantra helps the worshipper to achieve success in all his efforts to gain desires and lead a comfortable life. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Place the Yantra facing the South direction of your house or in puja altar. POLICE & DEFENSE SERVICES, CHEMICAL STUDIES, … March 2020. Rahu Yantra 13. How to use Mangal Yantra? Ketu Yantra should be installed in an appropriate direction and in a suitable place. Place kuber yantra in eastern or northern direction as northern direction is best as it is the direction of lord Kuber. The Mercury Yantra helps reduce the malefic effects (if any) and magnify the beneficial effects of the Planet Mercury. Each yantra design contains a centre point or “dot” from which geometric shapes and designs radiate. Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yantra - Copper Mangal-Ketu Angaraka Yog Nivaran Yantra. VASTU SHASTRA Pyramid Yantra Remedies. Yantras are geometrical designs based on the principles of sacred geometry and are used for meditation. You can keep this yantra in a business or altar place facing North West/South East/North East/North/East direction and do the pooja. Yantra can be drawn on gold, silver or copper. SHOP; STUDY; VASTU … 6. Buy Now. Mars OR South Direction of the premises/dwelling is responsible for Relaxation, Name and Fame. Delayed marriages, obstacles and miseries in the conjugal life, threatened divorce or separation and more are ward off by this yantra. Mangal Yantra. Must be placed on a sacred altar in the North direction on a Wednesday Add to Cart. Weight: 0.35 kg: Dimensions: 28 × 28 × 1 cm: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Shree Sampurna Vastu Yantra: Shree Sampurna Vastu Yantra is an absolute remedy to remove Vastu Dosh. Budh Yantra - Yantra for Mercury The Mercury Yantra also known as Budha Yantra is for appeasing the Planet Mercury. Specifically, Shri Lakshmi ji ascends to the highest pedestal of showing auspiciousness and acquires the sobriquet of "Mahalaxmi". INR 451 | USD 6.31 . Mangal Yantra. Offer sandal paste in the center of the Yantra. Use of Red Color; On the outside of your house, use red colour in order to please Mars which rules the South direction. GaneshaSpeaks Guarantee. She is closely associated with goddess Kali, another fierce aspect of Shakti. Ketu Yantra Size - 8 x 8 inches. With the placement of Mars in any of the above-mentioned houses, the native suffers from the malefic effects of planet Mars.
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