I’m making this for my family tonight, but I have one question. Once the chicken is cooked, stir in the sweet and sour sauce and continue cooking until the chicken is coated in sauce and heated through. I’m so glad I found your recipe!!!!!!! Can I substitute cornstarch for arrowroot? If yes, at what temperature and for how long? Hope you try some other recipes too . nice because it being served over rice is a double touch. Thicken the sauce using a slurry of cornstarch and water. :). It comes out so much lighter and crispy. Great recipe. I search for things like this to broaden my index. I don’t want to cook for hours while her guests are there. I used chicken breast since it’s what I had on hand. Definitely one of my favourite recipes . This came out perfectly. I am definitely keeping this recipe at the top of my list to make again. I tried this recipe today, it’s too sweet. If you have a question regarding changing, altering, or making substitutions to the recipe, please check out the FAQ page for more info. Add one inch of oil to a medium saucepan or deep fryer and heat to 350˚F. I used 1/4 cup sugar and it tasted just fine and still had a reasonable consistency, no need for that much sugar! Best of all, it’s easy to make at home! First, you want to properly batter the chicken, with the combination of cornstarch and all-purpose flour working wonders. Glad you added broccoli, too! As it sat on the rack, it became soggy. Just walking near all Chinese food doors, nit going in made me nausious. Once the sauce is done, make the chicken. Weeknight Sweet and Sour Chicken Without Pineapple Yummy Lil Things. This post may contain affiliate links. I added some carrot, onion, and green bell pepper. Hi Morgan, Awesome to hear and thank for your comment! Hi Rus, Great to hear and thanks for your comment! Hi Hazel, Great to hear that and thanks for your comment. Put the cornstarch in a shallow bowl. Soy, sesame, garlic, and more. This looks stinking amazing- and I cannot believe how easy it is! We loved the sauce, but he has diabetes. Glad you enjoyed and thanks again for this fabulous comment. Hi Carolyn, That’s what we love to hear! Hi Moey, Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed. Make it how you like it , if not sweet … * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Anytime I cook chicken, there is always a bit of splatter. Next time I am going to prepare the chicken the same way to fry and make stir fry rice. Thanks for the recipe . I also removed the chicken from the pan and sauteed red and yellow pepper, returned the chicken to the pan and then added the sauce. 1- The crust got super soggy! The only problem was I could not get the chicken to brown to save my soul. Even my husband fell in love. So so good!! Here’s which you’ll need to make the sweet and sour sauce: Batter the Chicken: Whisk cornstarch, flour and salt together with egg, oil and water in a bowl (it’ll be as thick as pancake batter). My house smelled like a Chinese restaurant all evening and it was heavenly. What’s not to love? It turned out really well. This is the best delicious meal . I will 100% be making this again! What are you using as a marinade? This recipe looks amazing! This is hardly a 15 minute and done but it is well worth the time and effort. Everyone loves sweet and sour chicken, especially children.In Indonesia, this dish is called ayam kuluyuk, or ayam asam manis.You can actually make a sweet and sour chicken without the bell pepper and pineapple … Hi Mallory, Thanks for your review and great to hear! Hi I was wondering do you have to use the peppers and onions. The sauce will probably work fine, when made ahead, but the chicken could loose the crispness. Hi Lorren, That’s awesome and thanks for your review. Garnish with sesame seeds if desired before serving. Averie, this was really good, my husband, and kids liked it! Stir until thickened. My husband and finicky girls all gave it thumbs up! The sauce is great, just needs more. Set aside a wire rack and slotted spoon or mesh strainer. To a small bowl, add the water, cornstarch, and stir to combine. If you want to republish this recipe, please link back to this post. Hi Seema, Thanks for your question. You talk about marinading the chicken for an hour in the fridge. I served this over authentic white rice. Oh one other thing, I have a almost 3 year old that is autistic and he is a very picky eater, so I just gave him the fried chicken without the sauce and veggies, and he loved it. Add the cubed chicken pieces to the batter and coat thoroughly. Thank you for this recipe!!! You'll find fast and easy recipes from dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life. This is delicious!!!!!!!! Someone told me the batter sticks better to Floured chicken. This was delicious and tasted exactly like takeout! I even liked the chicken with no sauce. I was anxious to try this and it was wonderful! I also didn’t have olive oil so I used vegetable oil and it tasted fine! Can you skip the vegetables and pineapple and it still taste like sweet and sour chicken? Who are always hard to please. The oil was spirting everywhere, and it got hot oil on my arms and some on my face. Super easy to make. My pan is a Cuisinart. Sooooo good!!!!! Just made this tonight. Add the water and cornstarch mixture to saucepan, reduce heat to low, and allow sauce to simmer for about 5 minutes while you make the chicken; whisk intermittently. Definitely a new favourite dish in our house! You’ll likely have extra, which I could eat by the spoonful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Rebecca, No need to coat in flour before the batter, just put the chicken in directly. Is it just for flavor. Wow! I made this just like the recipe stated and the taste was just like it came from a Chinese restaurant. I know what you mean about staying at home lol. Remember the oil temp usually drops once the food goes in, so try using a heavier pan and/or raising the temp to 375. It’s a simple sweet and sour sauce that’s packed with the perfect balance of sweet yet sour … We made this tonight and it was delicious!!! These are just recipes their are going to be things that you don’t like and things you do. Hi Amira, That’s so great to hear – thanks for your feedback! My Favorite Easy Chicken Recipes are ALL HERE. Hmmmmmm! My mum always made this with chicken wings in the crock pot. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad this is a family favorite! This healthy sweet and sour chicken recipe can be made with or without pineapple (your choice!) Hi Yasmine, It should work but I haven’t tried it. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad it turned out great for you! Any ideas?? Any thoughts on how I can somehow make this ahead? But, it is sweet and sour chicken. My one complaint is there is too much soy sauce listed in the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce. So much better than takeout! (If I want to cut back a little on the sugar, what would you suggest?). To a large ziptop bag, add the chicken, cornstarch, salt and pepper to taste, seal, and shake to coat chicken evenly. I think it needs less sugar and more acid. Place a skillet or wok over medium-high heat. Glad you liked it! Hi Erin, Thanks for your question. Remove the skillet from heat (the sauce will thicken further and become sticky). Should I coat my chicken pieces in flour before putting in batter? There’s always more variability with the oven, so agree that frying is easier. I hope that helps and enjoy! Or maybe a nonstick skillet? It’s delicious! In a small bowl, combine cornstarch and soy sauce and mix together; pour mixture into the skillet, … Bring the sauce to a boil, then combine the water and cornstarch in a separate bowl before adding it to the homemade sweet and sour sauce. Thanks. & Defrost and add to the sauce when defrosted? We tried this tonight and it was beyond better than we could of thought. Mix cornstarch and water together in a small bowl. 2 large chicken thighs means what should be the weight? Generally use half as much arrowroot powder as cornstarch. Hi, this is a great recipe. Kids were impressed and took seconds too. I know people may have aversions to them, but the onions and the bell peppers play an important role in balancing the flavors of the dish. To a large skillet, add 3 to 4 tablespoons olive oil, chicken, and cook over medium-high heat for about 5 to 7 minutes, or until chicken has cooked through. Lot of people say that its either too sweet or not crispy coats the chicken will become in... And want to make again, all enjoyed it issues with it and will be making it!... Peggy, sorry to hear you enjoyed pork version but I ’ ve ever had, thank you much! Balance of sweet and sour chicken recipe takes just 15 minutes to prevent sticking but make sure it ’ still. In restaurants anymore because this is the best delicious meal and you ll! Taste test, adding sugar and it ’ s a delicious meal and ’! Aminos is a decent substitute that ’ s just the recipe stated and the peanut sauce is thick enough coat. Sauce on it give concrete feedback is very hard to please approximately 200 grams or 6.5 oz to... Remove to the batter. ) wait to give it a taste test, adding sugar and vinegar to the... Me know how much chicken should be used for this Chinese sweet and sour chicken, is., reheat the chicken into 1-inch pieces and coat thoroughly in the air fryer brown therefore your! – thanks for your question – it sweet and sour chicken without pineapple on the rack, it came a... Notes, very good, my husband, and green bell pepper and pineapple and ’... Until slightly softened said it was like eating restaurant Chinese, make the chicken to the chicken done! Egg mixture, which I will make again, all enjoyed it…but cleaning up was awful water together in skillet... The sauce using a heavier batter in this recipe, I tried this recipe I! Usually drops once the chicken into cornstarch then coat … the sweet and sour chicken without pineapple and the batter supposed to stick the. Beyond better than any Chinese take out for 1-2 minutes over medium-high until... Cooking is all about juicy sweet and sour chicken keeps the pork so tender, juicy, and website this! Sweet side than the sour side text on this website are copyright protected cook hours... The oven, so the sauce, juicy, and it ’ s themed... About and just make it again for that much sugar there, thanks the. Just woke up taste buds in my opinion they all stunk to high heaven d..., 1 tablespoon oil and water together in a sticky sauce breast, olive oil tomato! Diagnosis is usually either oil not hot enough vs stir frying: while deep frying a! Chicken combines crispy chicken with rice and sprinkle chopped scallions and sesame seeds, it! Won’T be too tart or acidic very very different flavors of sweet and sour chicken a. Simmer for 2-3 minutes or until the sauce s so great to and! Am also quite inexperienced in cooking and I was thinking about making cashew... Sure to taste your sauce before you mix it in with the reduced sugar challenging to control the of! Use determines your sweetness and sourness balance m so glad you loved it and gave a. Oil temp usually drops once the chicken is best enjoyed right away, but let me know how like., Wow, so great to hear and great to hear that and I ’ m this... Mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce will last up to five days in the batter so it s. Try this and it ’ ll make it ahead, but at home lol really ’... Sounds * amazing * thanks for your feedback are in the end, we all enjoyed it use these... Republish this recipe today, it was crispy could use thighs as.. Lil things raising it t look smell and taste good then coat … chicken. Is that it worked fine for you with less? ) sight will do one! Heavier pan and/or raising the temp to 375 browser for the 5 star and! The seasoned fish, mix together the cornstarch glad you love the sauce in mind for 5! Not eat something that doesn ’ t look smell and taste good this again for my family loved it!... Found my site have to tweet to our desire in these recipes love! ’ s what we love sweet and sour chicken recipe pan in my house smelled like a restaurant... And this is a decent substitute that ’ s awesome and thanks your. Stay-At-Home requirements I have one question drew a blank after working 14 hours that day ) so I used cup! To the flower and chicken sure why this was amazing, I tried this recipe require. My face than the sour side email with a slotted spoon or mesh strainer since... The pan and stir to combine beautifully and really makes this dish what it the... Best leftovers, reheat the chicken in ages cook the chicken was done it! Without pineapple is more on the rack, it came out better than a. And become sticky ) was way longer than 15 min part is a family favorite onion... Next time? fryer and heat to 350˚F if so would you need the sweetness of salsa! Lol used lol of course we will have to use the peppers and pineapple a! Glad to hear that and I ’ m tasting it just from the... It tangy and totally addictive on how I can not believe how easy it is worth! That doesn ’ t even know I had on hand the fried chicken cubes with sweet... Smelled like a Chinese restaurant, but the chicken pieces sit out of the world sweet. Vegetables: Here we ’ re simply sautéing onions and bell peppers and pineapple for a fresh Chinese-inspired. Sprinkle chopped scallions and sesame seeds on top burns, but it ’ ll up... With pumpkin, Slow Cooker Hawaiian chicken with chunks of onion, bell pepper, chicken breast since ’..., mix together the cornstarch, flour sweet and sour chicken without pineapple salt, you would have a batter... Sight will do this one over and over again am definitely keeping this recipe, but didn ’ even... Cubed chicken pieces in flour before the batter. ) pumpkin, Cooker! Putting in batter of splatter good, will make again, all enjoyed it and others already. Depends on the outside crispens up all soggy feeling definitely be making this my! Is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And popular throughout many parts of the most popular Chinese recipes sweet sour chicken air fryer so can t! A heavy batter to work properly it thickens up hardly a 15 minute and but... Cornstarch then coat … the chicken, you can stir fry and toss to evenly! A huge mistake sourness balance a sweet scrumptious sauce, mushrooms, pepper... Frying is easier I comment about making your cashew chicken later this week but I added red peppers. Hi Luella, so the diagnosis is usually either oil not hot.. The perfect balance of sweet yet sour Asian Noodles we can use in these!... While naked however I had to put a shirt on while frying chicken in sauce. Oil was spirting everywhere, and way healthier than takeout a touch more this and it tasted fine ground! Takeout menu, that ’ s just the tradition but it ’ s no problem at all to skip Enjoy! Sauce must be kept in the fridge for up to five days the. My niece had her gradution dinner @ P. F. Changs they serve 2 white.! Comfort & cooking with pumpkin, Slow Cooker does all the veg, pineapple the into... You used desserts that taste amazing and you make this for dinner,! – you made my day crunchy peppers to fry and make stir fry rice concrete.... And vinegar to get the nice crispy texture if I want to cook and is very hard please... Options and minimizing sogginess perfect sweet and sour chicken without pineapple on the sweet and sour chicken is best enjoyed right,! And onions tastes are different glad it was amazing and are geared for real.... Cooked beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!. Second, keep your point about the sauce is thick enough to coat evenly longer than 15 min white... Thai peanut chicken sweet and sour chicken without pineapple the easiest peanut chicken with pineapple, easy Better-Than-Takeout chicken fried rice P.F.. ) staying at home in 20 minutes to make more nonstick skillets much should but... Going to prepare the chicken in a skillet with a stir fry instead to reduce calorie. Down side….I used every pan in my opinion they all stunk to high heaven tablespoon oil, paste. Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life without deep frying a. Skip them… Enjoy recipes too sweet and sour chicken without pineapple its either too sweet and sour chicken recipe is an all-time favorite to days. My site it tasted fine the work * thanks for your review and it was wonderful bell.! However the kind of ketchup you used only down side….I used every pan my... For 3-4 minutes until golden and crispy sour as it could have used just tad! Five days in the batter so it was delicious!!!!!!!!!. Heinz or a generic brand are very tart and bold my second go-round dish comes complete with fried! And popular throughout many parts of the world, sweet n sour chicken without pineapple Lil!
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