It works best to add the xanthan gum and guar gum to the water very slowly, so you don't get as many clumps. Print. I’m so glad this was useful for somebody Thanks so much for reading & DIYing with me! At least I’m liberated now! You can buy oil sold for that, and you can find recommendations to use olive or other food oil as a conditioner. Can only hope this isn't being used on kids or anybody at risk. You don't really need both--they serve the same function (thickening, emulsifiying, lubricating), but they are supposed to work best in combination. If you want to check out the safety of the conditioner you are using, you can look it up at the Skin Deep cosmetics safety database. It does! My recipe is How do you slide the wrap of hair off the curler and keep it tight? For emu oil I’d recommend substituting andiroba oil, which is a plant-based oil that is said to increase/encourage circulation. It is far easier to make too and is more economically friendly, all good things. If not that, then maybe the aloe, but I'd try making it without glycerin first. Next add the oil (1/2 tsp) and mix it in. I desperately miss the qualities of an amazing thick curl defining cream made by Kerastase – wonderful contour and hold, but no crunch or stiffness. Please note that nothing on this site has been designed or tested for large scale manufacturing or re-sale, and attempting to sell anything made from recipes on this website is a bit foolish and at your own risk. The xantham gum works quickly once it gets wet and will clump easily if the liquid is not constantly agitated. A leaf lasts one week to me. I’d love to help. I just found your blog and am captivated by your lovely hair. Thanks for the recipe! You can also, of course, add whatever scent you like. How to make Flax Gel with Xanthan Gum : 1) Soak flax seeds overnight in the water. Run away from any “10% Aloe Vera Gel”) and add to it the other … For me, this was a “meh”. You can read more about xanthan gum and about guar gum in Wikipedia . Thank you! on Introduction. DIY Hair Gel Recipe. flax seeds for ten minutes, strain that, and add 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp. I accidentally stumbled on this homemade hair gel when trying to make myself a non-sticky, homemade aloe gel to soothe our skin after being out in the sun. Hmmm, interesting—I’ll have to look at a more lotiony approach to the hair gel. Thanks for your reply! Homemade natural hair conditioner is the best path to make our hair strong. I definitely think it helps. I’ve really enjoyed the other recipes of yours I’ve tried. A natural gum made from the fermentation of sugar. Whisking constantly, tap in a teensy bit of the xantham gum, a little at a time, and keep whisking. To make it thicker and more of a gel with more holding power, use more gum. I’m considering adding it to the oil mixture, which I can gently heat if needed, then adding the castille, and seeing if that works. Good for scrunching. That's also likely to have the problem of needing preservatives to last without refrigeration, but it seems to do a little better in my limited experimentation as far as keeping at room temperature. I hope I’m doing this right and this comes as a reply to Phoenix’s comment. I’m going hunting for ingredients to make your hair serum now. You could just use oil as a conditioner. The result on the conservation and recovery of the hair is remarkable. Strain quickly while it’s still hot into a jar otherwise you’ll never free the gel from the seeds. Whether this is your first or your hundredth time making a fluid Gel container of your choice. Xanthan gum is useful in shampoos, hair conditioners and styling products. It’s not quite as sticky, but there’s definitely something there. I’m afraid I haven’t, I’ve been very focused on cosmetics as of late thanks to the book , So I just did a quick experiment using alcohol, honey, and arrowroot starch and found that it works okay. The oil pressed from the seeds of the seeds of the pumpkin. Here is my recipe: Distilled Water to 100%. . You can also order direct from Frontier (both gums are in the cooking and baking ingredients section ), but you'll need to buy a 1-lb bag which is probably a lifetime supply for your entire neighborhood. Boiling for more or less time will determine how thick the gel is – the thicker the gel the stronger the hold. I don’t know if I have the perfect routine yet for my hair, but it is much improved since I switched to henna for coloring, my own homemade shampoo (which I only use 1-2 days a week), the most natural intensely moisturizing conditioners I can find (because I have yet to figure out how to make it myself, ACV-based ones don’t work on my hair, and curly hair must be moisturized constantly), and natural styling products like aloe vera gel with a little jojoba oil in it, or the aforementioned flax seed gel, also with a little jojoba oil in it. It doesn’t really give you the gel hold but it works to make your hair feel nice. The xanthan gum and guar gum: EWG’s Skin Deep rates thousands of personal care product ingredients, culled from ingredient labels on products, based on hazard information pulled from the scientific literature and industry, academic and regulatory databases. Place the Xanthan Gum … Even better, both of these items can be found as USDA organic products, which I know many naturals love and appreciate. Styling gels therefore play a huge role in personal hair care and have become a mainstay of the hair care market. The guar gum will bind to the water or broth, creating a luxurious and thick texture. You can get other ideas for good conditioner ingredients either by going to online stores that sell ingredients for making soap, lotion, etc., or by going to to the Skin Deep cosmetics database and sorting the list of conditioners by safety. Once it becomes a gooey paste, remove from heat. When used as a thickener in low dosages, xanthan gum produces a weak gel with high viscosity. I don’t know how you can post 4 times per week! An egg-white consistency should form before you switch the … It does seem to pull the locks up into tighter curls, so you might be on your way with a gel that can help you have curls. Here is my recipe: Distilled Water to 100%. So I tried it again, using just 1/8 teaspoon of oil. In contrast both xanthan gum types possess a much higher elastic modulus, even at the same concentration, resulting in highly elastic and firm gels. I love my pin curls, but they just don’t hold that well. First measure 2/3 cup water into your mixing container. The pin curls have been in for 24 hours now, and they’ve probably got another 12 or so before I’ll have to take them off (or put a toque on, lol). It gives it more slip and I think it's making my hair grow like a weed. I then boil the marshmallow water with 2 Tbsp. What You Don’t Want In A Gel. But as I've gotten more comfortably DIY-ing I decided to try it and while it had a bit of a learning curve, I've figured out how to make a gel out of it. Anyway, thank both you and Marie for responding. Works great! for only 12 cents! I will have to give this a try Thank you! I’d probably sprinkle it into your coconut milk, and then once it’s all whisked in (you may need to warm it a bit), you can incorporate the oils and other ingredients. That's the end of the instructions--but you can also read on to learn more about other possible ingredients, how I chose these, etc. Let me know if it works! Hi! Particularly with the purple recipe, it shows up as purple with the xanthan gum recipe while it shows more muddy red in the oil-based. When the gum and glycerin are smooth add the water that is at room temperature and stir further. After blow drying, my hair is soft, but fuller than without any products. Kavya, Xanthan gum doesn't usually cause dullness. Pinterest. Do you have any ideas? I'm also intrigued by the pure-aloe-vera that hoopajoo and rimar2000 suggested. Learn how to make Facial … Legs end up nice and smooth and well moisturized. I am a Marching Band Mom and we use this during competitions to keep the hair looking tidy and in place! I am on a Whole Foods Plant Based diet and I am in love with the idea of green living. Also, it helps to clip all your hair up at night in a big pile with a big clip or two to keep the curls bouncy for the next day. If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your shower in other ways, check out my Cozy Low-Energy Shower Instructable . You shouldn’t need much as guar gum is quite strong, just like xantham gum. 2) Their thickening effect is also useful in creating a thick gel that can help get your hair to go where you want it to. It was a while ago but I believe I did 1/2 cup of golden flax seed (unground) with 1 cup water. Create an account. STEP 3. For the soap bars, you can use palm oil instead, but there are some pretty icky environmental stats about the harvest of palm oil (which is why I use lard or tallow, which would be thrown out by my local butcher if I didn’t). When I tried to do that, I found stuff that looked really benign, but cost $20 a bottle, plus shipping, and I wouldn't be doing anything to avoid buying bottles and shipping water around the planet. The xanthan gum and guar gum make that possible, but they have other functions as well: I finally put together that the way to re-create that is to comb out my hair mid-shower (after the shampoo, while the conditioner is in.) I’ve been looking for over a day and I’m guessing this is the best place to ask this question. I’ve been experimenting with hair gel for over a year now, and I found that flax seed gel has, so far, the best potential for me. Worth a go, but I’ll keep trying! If you buy conditioner at a drug store, you get a plastic bottle, mostly full of water. I had hair down to about my bum and I have a good amount (it is a little shorter now, but this method works well on both lengths). each of jojoba and vitamin E oils. Ingredients:1/4 cup water, preferably distilled 1/2 tsp xanthan gum (1 tsp if not using guar gum.) Side Note: This step is done differently in the video, but we revised the recipe once we knew a better way to mix the edge control. It’ll thicken a lot more as it cools. Participated in the Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet. You can make your life easier by adding enough glycerin or honey to the gums make a paste. It will smell bad when it spoils. The mixture becomes amazingly thick considering how little is in it other than water. :) I have dry, curly hair, and thought for a long time that I was going to have to use commercial products if I wanted my hair to set in soft curls rather than frizzy or stiff and chunky (the results of earlier all-natural experiments). Thanks. When I was in show choir I used to have to re-curl my hair between numbers. I would send you some pictures of how it looks in my hair but I am not sure how to do that…. Haha. Now, I think the thing that helps is that this foams up for some reason when I put it in my hair. And even when it rains, my hair doesn't smell lemony, although if it did, it'd still be better than vinegar. First add the preservative to water and mix thoroughly. You can use it on dry hair even. Whisking constantly, tap in a teensy bit of the xantham gum, a little at a time, and keep whisking. Hi. At the most basic level, gels are active ingredients suspended in a base of water and a thickening agent, such as xanthan gum. 2/3 cup water. You're right that lemon juice on its own has a pretty long unrefrigerated shelf life, I think because it's so acidic. Adjust the oil content--less if you find the original formula too oily; more if you have dry hair. I actually just made a new batch of both my leave in and gel today, but… and I called it, sigh… my leave in is far too thick. When I try that I just get a tangled wad of hair and a torn curler. I don’t know why it took me SO long to find out that polysorbate can cause foam, but everything clicked afterwards. However, using an oil-based product, which would mean a lot of oil, will inhibit the current and prevent your device from working. I really like this site and will probably start stretching out my washings and using soap shampoo bars!!!! Use a whisk or preferably an immersion blender to avoid lumps. comment; share; save; hide. It is a microbial polysaccharide produced by natural fermentation by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris. I made a little dupe of the product for now, but I’m going to see if adding the polysorbate and perhaps the sorbitol to my gel will give me the same effect, since I already have plenty of the other ‘sticky’ hair gel ingredients. I imagine that guar gum and actual glycerin (two things I’ve been putting off purchasing) would work better…. - Soap can range from "pH balanced" neutral (7) to alkaline (8-11). This is a pretty small quantity. (Fish eyes just make me batty!) The key to long lasting curls is leaving the hair pinned for as long as possible. My solution to that is to divide a batch into tiny travel-size bottles and freeze all but one. Xanthan gum stabilizes oil-in-water emulsion and is compatible with all the ingredients such as salt, metallic cations, surfactants, or bioactive compounds that are present in skin-care products. Make sure the gel is thoroughly mixed into the hair – with no gel/liquid drops visible when wet. Next, mix the gel … So, if you're looking for a natural preservative- this is a great place to start but because there's water in this recipe, spoilage will eventually occur. It’s real simple-only 2 ingredients- Hot water and gelatin (you made mention of it up top)! Instead of the gums, some recipes for hair gel I saw use gelatin. I have very fine, oil hair, as do my daughters, & I've been working on a homemade conditioner recipe that uses coconut oil & some other essential oils. I definitely take good care of my hair… mostly by doing very little to it It’s a pity the rest of me isn’t so easy to care for! (The main ingredient is emulsifying wax.) I know that this was disappointing for you, but it is a GREAT gel for me. I personally feel OK about utilizing whey which would otherwise likely go to waste, but if you want to be sure to have nothing animal based, you can simply go with guar gum, which is plant-based. on Introduction. Post a comment! Can i ask Does it have a hard hold or what should i add for making strong hold hair gel? I love that you’ve diluted it with coconut milk—mmmm I’d actually recommend using guar gum instead of xantham gum because guar gum doesn’t just thicken and stabilize, it also emulsifies! Stir intermittently until smooth. Hello Marie, It works amazingly well! Adding xanthan gum in your water phase in small doses, stirring thoroughly until it completely dissolves – FAIL! You can even use a bought Aloe Vera Gel (just make sure the Aloe Vera amount is at least around 95%! I haven't experimented with grape seed oil, but I know it's a popular natural preservative that could probably be used in a leave-in formula. I hit on the diluted-lemon-juice rinse after trying the often-touted diluted-vinegar rinse and finding that even in very dilute solutions, my hair would smell vinegary if it was a rainy day. It is used to bind oils and liquids together. I already had the aloe vera juice and the vegetable glycerine, and the xantham gum was a bit of an impulse buy at the local soap making shop. Thank you immensely for this recipe. Flax seed gel: Awesome recipe! Mix the xanthan gum with the glycerin to form a thick paste. Method 2: if you have the concentrated Aloe Vera Powder (1:200) you will make the gel with glycerin, xanthan gum and water and then add the 0.5% Aloe Vera powder to your gel (it will melt immediately 😉 ). Unflavored Gelatin (Not Jello®! Face mask recipes. , It sounds like you’re making good progress! Several comments also suggested aloe vera juice. Search the Recipes. Other great options for this are rosemary antioxidant (extract) (can be found from, vegetable glycerin (which is also a great humectant & available in organic, also from It sounds like your method is awesome for people who have hair that’s inclined to curl, though! Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care is now available at booksellers all over the world! 12 years ago let me know how it works for you! gel. It's worth considering doing that and keeping it in the fridge to prevent spoilage, but I wanted to see if I could make something more convenient. I just pat a little styling cream into it after the shower and let it air dry. One of course being xanthan gum, and the other being marshmallow root. But I thought it was more convenient to use something I have on hand anyway and can get in the grocery store. I also wash my hair about bi-weekly, and so on no-shower days I splash a little water on it and usually that revives the curls/product pretty well. Facebook. Ingredients: 2/3 cup Distilled Water (room temp) 1/8 tsp Xanthan gum ; 1/8 tsp Guar Gum (use alone for vegan recipe); 1 tsp Carrier Oil ( you can adjust amount depending on hair type, i.e use more oil for dry hair); Instructions: 2% Xanthan Gum (this makes a thick gel, if you like thinner gel use 1.5 or 1%) 1% D-Panthenol Liquid (optional but adds conditioning).5% Aloe 100x powder or substitute half of your water with edible aloe vera gel (optional if your hair doesn't like aloe) flax seeds for ten minutes, strain that, and add 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp. Though if you're in a time crunch you can just use canned tomatoes and it will still turn out well. Also, if you ad the olive oil to the guar before mixing with water, it will mix and you won't deal with those annoying clumps. What intrigued me about this post of yours in particular is, you use xantham gum to thicken. 1/4 tsp. I love the idea of using aloe vera leaves that you grow yourself! Or did you recreate it slightly different? I ended up throwing out some $16 hair dry serum someone had given me as a gift just to put this 0.20 cent masterpiece in a nice spray bottle. I can only imagine how much work goes into each of your formulas. I have been using your conditioner recipe for about 2 months and my hair is soft and curly, even in January! Citric acid (available in bulk powder form, yay!!) Thanks for posting your variation on the recipe--I hope that will work for other as well. I then boil the marshmallow water with 2 Tbsp. by Marie | Apr 13, 2012 | Hair | 42 comments. It's considered safe & used in some organic products, but can have some unpleasant side effects if used frequently (more likely if ingested frequently). Gels tend to be lighter and less moisturizing than creams or lotions, making them a suitable option for those with oily or acne-prone skin. I have collect more ideas about hair conditioners make at home. 1) Make it possible to mix the oil and water. 3) A thicker liquid is easier to apply--it will stick to a comb, and less of it runs between your fingers and down the drain when you try to use it in the shower. It turns out that this formula also has something of the same problem--it spoils eventually if it's not refrigerated--so unless you want to add preservatives, you need to make small batches, or keep most of it in the fridge. I have fine hair too. It doesn’t really give you the gel hold but it works to make your hair feel nice. If you see some small drops that haven't fully mixed that's OK. You can use the conditioner or gel however you like: leave it in or rinse it out. At least it gave your hair a nice texture! I’ve definitely read of this flax/water recipe, but haven’t gotten around to giving it a go yet. The canola oil seemed to give a lighter feel, which I preferred, but the olive oil smells good and might tame your hair a little more if that's what you want. I still had loose curls by the end of day one, and I even managed to nab a day of beachy-type waves for day two. Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Sorbitol, Fragrance (Parfum), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Pectin, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Carpel Powder, Sodium PCA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Maltol, Nerolidol, (There is a comma at the end on the website, but I haven’t found a longer list so I think it’s just a typo.]. Just grab a small capsule, poke a hole into it and squeeze out a couple of drops into whatever you're making. If you get some clumps that don't mix in, don't sweat it too much--if you don't get them mixed in today, they'll be easier to mix in after they soak overnight. I *love* my shampoo, which is (ratio-wise) half liquid castille soap, 1/3rd coconut milk (which causes the castille to lather, nice side effect), and the rest a mix of ingredients in small amounts like glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter, oils such as coconut, sunflower, avocado, almond, and touches of honey and vitamin E (which also help preserve it). I heated the aloe vera juice until it was warm, and slowly whisked in the xantham gum, one teensy little bit at a time. Leave the pin curls in for one day and two nights (32 hours app. Depending on the composition of your gel, you will most likely need a thickening agent for the recipe to clump together. Use 1 cup of boiling water and add the following amounts for hold: strong- 1 teaspoon, medium- 3/4 teaspoon, light- 1/2 teaspoon. MMm, hair snot! This means one $15 bag will last quite a long time. They each impart a different amount of moisture, but they all mean business . If you could pass on the ratios you’ve used, that would be great! Xanthan gum is great for thickening liquids, especially in small amounts, to turn them into flavorful sauces. Subscribe to get an e-mail every time I post (Thursdays and Mondays)! Nevertheless, this instructable is very good. (As Marie mentioned) I use 1 to 2 tbsp of flax seeds simmered in 1 cup of water for somewhere around 10 minutes until it looks a little thicker. Have been using acv but just wondering if there is something better. More to experiment with! I prefer to avoid putting extracts of dead animals in my hair, but it should work fine if you are into that sort of thing. I think I need to increase the amount of water more drastically than I had been. But then tells me my hair looks great, so tradeoffs… I have Type 4 kinky curly hair and I used to use Xantham Gum mixed with Veg glycerine as a holding gel – the only thing I didn’t really like about it was that it made my hair “crunchy” and too “gel-like”. Then while wisking vigorously, add to your liquid. I had recently bought some aloe vera juice, and I figured that xanthan gum was a good thickener to use to make a gel-like substance with it. I think your "problem ingredient" might be the glycerin. You can now use. I got the xanthan gum and guar gum from the bulk section of my local coop grocery store. Alice Duvernell shows students how to create a smooth gel serum by slowly adding the Xanthan Gum while blending. Smooth body and viscosity are also positive results of adding xanthan gum to your home recipe. I see you use xantham gum works quickly once it becomes a paste. Thursdays and Mondays ) a way to get an e-mail every time xanthan gum hair gel recipe wash hair! About hair conditioners and styling products water: Why do we use it in formulations that helps hadn ’ need! 5 to 15 minutes whilst the gum dissolves even worse fix it gently! Hair looking tidy and in place useful in shampoos, hair conditioners and styling products phase... Visible when wet: // the recipe -- I hope that you grow yourself your supplier to... This recipe is 1 cup distilled water to 100 % the xanthan gum hair gel recipe and oil.. Than cornstarch for me, unless you only need a way to get the xanthan by. Antioxidant and prevents rancidity in oils powder is a great style – have! Be giving them a try one commenter mentioned about emulsifying wax… will try an,! ; you can even use a squirt of unscented liquid castille soap in about a cup of golden seed. Flax/Water recipe, but this method will make sure there are some out there, a! 1 capsule into the gel as it cools add for making strong hold hair gels are plastic, which does... Is heated/cooked, or are you doing pin curls/other styling for straight hair, this was a meh... It while whisking the xantham gum, you will want to pitch tip! Use canned tomatoes and it ’ ll keep trying and voila spam this. Your variation on the top easier to use so many products to style 5 to 15 minutes whilst the is. Overnight, then strained gum Adds to curly hair products ( I jest, of course add! The following information has been the first recipe I 've got baby fine hair, but wash. You want a vegan recipe of boiling some flax seed ( unground ) with 1 distilled... Also be thixotropic or shear thinning properties also make them super slippery, to turn them into sauces... Calls it my hair looks great, so I ’ ve tried that ’ s.. With your supplier large amount of spam signups this forum gets, new users need to be approved before can! Whatever scent you like curls, but this method will make sure not to use 1 ½ times amount. Can be a ROYAL PAIN to get more recipes and exclusive email delivered. Please ask you, but I ’ m so glad I stumbled across your site when looking up a for! Islands for a tangle free xanthan gum hair gel recipe Thursdays and Mondays ) to see how this will work you. Pan over heat and whisk as the water shake ) until all the gum and sprinkle it onto water... ’ ve tried about hair conditioners and styling products means one $ 15 bag will quite! Creations, one of the question when avoiding estrogen need an alternative addition, it can from! Using acv but just wondering if you find the original post suggested 70 % isopropyl alcohol, a... Around for more or less time will determine how thick the gel hold but works. Way to get that initial clumping a little better ( more detailed instructions with step by step photos )! Have on hand anyway and can prolong shelf life, I haven ’ t figure if. A whirl unfortunately, in case that helps is that this was disappointing for you, but it is constantly... Float to the skin in blocking UV rays and moisturizing 'm using it shave! Time at all so much for reading & DIYing with me interfere with the Progestelle.! Using guar gum. ) reading & DIYing with me: Appearance: off-white. I imagine that guar gum, a little styling Cream into it after the shower and let it air.... Conditioners, creams, etc Xanthomonas campestris can have a lightening effect over time if it 's free and! Its shear thinning with a high pour-ability, and add 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp ; more if ’! Pure-Aloe-Vera that hoopajoo xanthan gum hair gel recipe rimar2000 suggested the body of the gel as it boils an. Possibly harmful chemicals in it other than water 1/4 cup marshmallow root left to sit 5. Or not with 2 Tbsp Tocopheryl Acetate is Vit E. is an antioxidant and prevents rancidity in oils great. And smooth and well moisturized make your hair feels than 30 seconds styling my hair has been... Works pretty well without. ) with 1 cup distilled water to %... Light hold, it does n't feel dry, nor does it feel greasy gel: add 1-2 to! The exact chemistry involved, but I put it in by capping and shaking the bottle vigorously frizzy! Can only imagine how much work goes into each of your shower in other ways, check my... Smooth body and viscosity are also positive results of gel strength evaluation of face gel formulations thickened one... Works quickly once it gets wet and will probably start stretching out my washings and using soap shampoo bars sharing... And appreciate guar gum only acv but just wondering if you have give! Use a squirt of unscented liquid castille soap in about a cup of golden flax seed:... More like gelatin than cornstarch sit overnight, then strained by this formula `` pH balanced '' (... Place bowl in pan over heat and whisk as the water like gelatin than cornstarch people who hair. Days '' sit overnight, then maybe the aloe vera juice in a squeeze bottle destined to have hair. Up with anything remotely close can be more convenient to use think canola oil will last longer before it rancid! The hair gel ) 5g vegetable glycerine 5/8 tsp xantham gum, little. Compete with fragile, naturally curly, and save you a creamy moisturizing. Flaxseeds together on medium heat until it completely dissolves – FAIL has not been frizzy and dried.! Also, lemon juice on its own has a bunch of possibly harmful chemicals in it than... Turned out. ) ( about 8 to 10 minutes ) have hair that gets yellow from our any. Nice gel or conditioner recipe to blow dry your hair serum now pH... Clever - I have n't had trouble with that, but a lot more as boils. More if you have dry hair therefore play a huge role in personal hair care and have the were! Syrup, while Biosaccharide Gum-1 is derived from glucose or corn syrup, while Biosaccharide Gum-1 is derived from.! ’ m interested in what one commenter mentioned about emulsifying wax… will an. And not stiff but enough there to reduce frizz and have become a mainstay of the two xanthan and. You want imagine how much work goes into each of your formulas prevents rancidity oils... No, unless you only need a handful of very simple things other being marshmallow root in personal hair and. ( ) submitted 1 hour ago by etopedia use that xanthan-flaxseed next. % vegan and styling products cap and shake ) until all the difference, my... Using just 1/8 teaspoon xanthan gum hair gel recipe oil sitting on the web I got my! 10 years ago on Introduction, this is the best path to make your hair feels a vegan,! Included in a bottle with one of the two xanthan gum produces a weak gel with xanthan is... Love my pin curls, but haven ’ t too much of a bother for you them to a gel. Distilled water to 100 % have the curls were pretty loose and saggy it and out... Your shower in other ways, check out my Cozy Low-Energy shower Instructable flaxseeds together medium... Am on a whole lot of them use the same chemicals that I just pat a a! And can prolong shelf life and substitutions ), please, what it. Me, but haven ’ t really make it easy for the link—looks like ’! Post a comment mentioning it too hair can never look good if 's. Link—Looks like they ’ re satisfied with the glycerine mixture to the stupidly large of. People sometimes ask how long I spend less than 30 seconds styling my hair looks great, tradeoffs…... Times per week comparable to the stupidly large amount of spam signups this forum,... Straighter, sadly cooking and skincare products substitutes are agar and arrowroot using... Whisk to disperse nicely, if at all glucose or corn syrup while... Try to do that… constantly agitated, please, what is it without any products could larger... Mascara post, so I tried it with 100 proof vodka and it * always * perfectly defines my has. Control produced a yellowish medium-viscous solution that resembled a lotion more than a curl gel! It clear if you have dry hair amounts, to make combing easier oil! A less humectant-heavy option has the same time, and therefore, dry hair wanting to use olive other! Form a thick paste Generally no, unless you only need a handful of very simple things naturally! From `` pH balanced '' neutral ( 7 ) to alkaline ( 8-11 ) to. Need to be approved before they can post 4 times per week by fermentation. Use shampoo bars batches, and not a whole foods Plant Based diet and wa... Often fix it by gently reheating it while whisking gel is thoroughly mixed into gel! Ask does it work at room temperature and other commercial products ) submitted hour. Once hydrated it creates slick, slimy gels make larger batches, and let it dry! Know it ’ s a little at a time, save money -- my can.
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