"Black Tulip" returned home one more deceased

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"Black Tulip" Project continues its work. Recently, the volunteers were again asked for help. It was necessary to return home a soldier deceased from numerous wounds.

So, already in the morning, February 27th, rushing along the highways and dirt roads, with the length of hundreds of kilometers, the car with logo "Black Tulip" was bringing the body of the deceased one to his family. A сombined Krivoy Rog-Odessa group of volunteers hit the road even at night. One had to hurry up. Because there, at home, in Zhitomir Region, a soldier was waiting.

The deceased one was read over the burial service in the local church.

He was buried with military honors.

Eternal memory to the soldier! Condolences to his family.

We remind that "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission continues its work. On the base in Slavyansk there is constantly on duty a team of volunteers which is ready for the trip at any moment.

Call a continuously working free hotline 0-800-210-135. We will render all possible assistance without any conditions.


"Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission began its work on 2nd September, 2014. During this time there have been examined more than 70 settlements, found and taken out the bodies of 808 deceased... The search is going on.

The mission is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross.