Chronicle of "Black Tulip": 1200 days of death and hope

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For every, no matter whether it's a fighter, or a volunteer, or just a citizen, it is different. For soldiers a war is the enemy in front, fear, bravery and loss of comrades. For their families it’s constantly waiting for a phone call, relief for a few minutes, and then again worries about a close person and continuous tracking the news. For volunteers it's collecting the information to understand where their help is needed, trips to the front, to hospitals, to people in the gray zone, difficult communication with authorities and the military, most of whom, in the result of what they passed through together, have already become like kindred.

And what does the war mean for the volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission? For people who without weapons and guarantees went to the uncontrolled by the government territory to take out the bodies of deceased soldiers to return to their families? What did they see? What did they feel? Was it scary? What now can they tell us about?

For them the war has a face. The face of death without embellishment. The real face which comes at nights now. But it's not scary from that. From this it's. After all, the volunteers still have a lot of work at that territory. There are still the soldiers, waiting for being returned home, who deceased in 2014-2015. Why are they still not at home? That's a topic for the other film...

And now, we start the show of "Black Tulip" Chronicle shot by Kryvyi Rih journalists of Rudana TV Broadcasting Company and crew of "Black Tulip" - Victoria Simkina (journalist), Konstantin Sologub (cameraman), Sergey Ilchenko (film editor) and by volunteers (who often shot videos on the sly from people with guns). The chronicle was made by volunteers of "Black Tulip" themselves on the basis of every day of their stay in the ATO zone. Not immediately did they made up their minds – it hurt... And they agreed only because those on whom something will depend in the future should know what is the true face of war. And that NO ONE should EVER know!

There are a lot of things which are early to speak about. It's not because of any restrictions. Simply, in order to do any harm. Maybe someday there will be shot a continuation – even more frank about everything.

And yet – about those brave, a little "not of this world". Those who have repeatedly heard, "What do you need it for?!". About those who divided from all over Ukraine into a single squad of the concerned. About those for whom it is easier to stand under the muzzles of enemy guns than to look at the eyes of somebody's mother. Those who feel kinship with everyone returned deceased fighter. About volunteers of "Black Tulip" and the search of bodies in the East of Ukraine. The stories of the war by their eyes and videos that children and people with weak nerves should not watch.

      Series No. 0 INTRODUCTION



"Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission (project of Union People's Memory NGO) started its work on 2nd September, 2014. During this time, volunteer Mission has gone more than 20 thousand kilometers, examined more than 109 settlement and locations, including Savur-Mohyla, Stepanivka, Marinivka, Petrivske, Dmytrivka, Mnohopillya, Snizhne, Novokaterynivka, Chervonosilske, Kuteynikove, Nykyforove, Gorbatenko, Uspenka, Krasnohorivka, Debaltseve, Donetsk Airport. The volunteers of "Black Tulip" have found and returned home the remains of at least 832 deceased soldiers on both sides of the front line.

Mission is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross, with the assistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, local authorities and public organizations.

If you are aware of the location of the burial sites of those killed during the events in Donbas 2014-2018, inform the free Hotline of "Black Tulip" - 0-800-210-135 or on the website

We'll help to return the deceased home!