Chronicle of ''Black Tulip": Trailer

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Since the beginning of the war in the East Ukraine, they, without weapons and guarantees, went to the uncontrolled by the country territory to take out the bodies of deceased soldiers from there and return them to their relatives...

About those brave who are a bit "not of this world"; about those who repeatedly heard, "What do you need it for?", about those who gathered from all over Ukraine into a single group of not different people, and those for whom it's easier to stand under the blows of hostile weapons than to look into the eyes of mother, about those who feel kinship with every returned deceased soldier - about the volunteers of "Black Tulip".

Story of war by their eyes and exclusive video. Children and people with weak nerves would better not watch it.  

Genre: documentary. Idea's author: Yaroslav Zhylkin (Mission's Head ). Art group: Viktoriya Simkina (journalist), Kostiantyn Solohub (camera man), Sergey Ilchenko (video operator). 

Volunteers of "Black Tulip" ("Evacuation-200") Humanitarian Mission also participate in the film.

Within the framework of Docudays UA Human Rights Program a film show of Chronicle of Black Tulip documentary will take place.