Humanitarian supplies from the Red Cross

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The first spring month ended up for the volunteers of "Black Tulip" with a pleasant visit of old friends. The representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross came to the central office and again not with empty hands.

For all time of the cooperation the volunteers-searchers repeatedly made sure that the Red Cross would always support in difficult times. Today's visit was no exception.

It seemed three ordinary cardboard boxes.

But the content of boxes is of great value for the volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission in the ATO zone.

In boxes there is a large number of tools which can be used in documentating, measuring the distance and temperature, marking the necessary details, clearing away the soil, etc.

In short, devices that facilitate and accelerate the process of exhumation that is very important in conditions of high risk for life when it is necessary to act quickly and effectively.

Now the volunteers of "Black Tulip" are definitely fully prepared and as ready as ever to continue work on search of the deceased and missing in the ATO zone!

"Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission and Union People's Memory NGO heartily thank for the assistance of the International Committee of the Red Cross!

For reference:

"Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission on search and taking of bodies in the ATO zone has been operating without break since September 2nd, 2014. For this time there have been examined more than 105 settlements and locations found and taken out the bodies of 808 deceased...

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