Little children with big hearts

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In addition to the fact that Gidnist Charity Fund with the children of Chornomorsk (Odesa Region) has recently organized a charity concert and raised 3 thousand UAH for "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission, they decided to pass a parcel for the volunteers.

In a small box, it seems, there is all love and care of these children, part of their souls. With their hands they made little charms-pouches "Happiness and prosperity", and also they wrote the poems and shot the video for Red Poppies song.


To say that the volunteers were pleasantly surprised and touched is to say nothing! Receiving gifts is always nice. And when they are made with love and by children is even doubly nicer.

The staff of Union People's Memory NGO and volunteers of "Black Tulip" heartily thank the children of Chornomorsk (Odesa Region) and Gidnist Charity Fund for support, faith and inspiring hope for the better!