Not black, but multi-colored tulips...

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April 24th, 2018, in Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk Region), a show of the Chronicle of "Black Tulip" took place.  

For watching a documentary in Olimp Cinema there came more than 350 residents of Kryvyi Rih. Among them one could see volunteers, activists, representatives of local authorities, families of those who deceased in the East of the country, ATO veterans and, of course, representatives of local mass media.   

All of them came to ask, to learn, to talk about the war, to see it with the "eyes" of the filmmakers and volunteers of "Black Tulip".

A small press conference was took place before the show. People could ask questions to the creators of the Chronicle (Kryvyi Rih journalists of Rudana TRC and the shooting group of "Black Tulip") - Victoriya Simkina, journalist, cameraman Kostiantyn Solohub, Serhiy Ilchenko, and Yaroslav Zhylkin, Head of Humanitarian Mission.     

Most of all, people were interested in the volunteers' work and HOW in life-threatening conditions, it was possible to take photos and videos.  

The audience also asked to sign or leave a wish on leaflets with information about the Chronicle. Many people brought flowers. And not just flowers, but multicolored tulips. "Black tulips are enough, may colors of the rainbow be already", they said.

The film was watched in incredible silence. From time to time, it was possible to notice someone wiping away the tears by stealth. After that there was a timid applause. The auditory room people left mainly in silence...  

Many people after the film show, both acquaintances and not only, came up to the creative team, Yaroslav Zhylkin and the Mission's volunteers. Some of them, still silently, shook hands or hugged. Others - pronounced kind words and expressed enormous gratitude.                        

"I'm just shocked by what I saw. My skin still crawls. Of course, I knew that the guys had gone to the ATO zone, but I've never thought about what they had to see and experience there. I am proud of being aquianted with them. They are a real example of courage and bravery"- commented on the film Marina Mukha, representative of Patriot Soyuz Uchastnikov ATO NGO in Inhuletskyi District (Kryvyi Rih).   

"People should watch this film at least for starting appreciating life and not wasting time on trifles", one of the spectators shared his thoughts.

"The film like "Chronicle of "Black Tulip" should be shown on large screens to as many people as possible. Because how else do people find out about what's going on there?!" said Olexandr Kurepin, Director of Olimp Cinema.

One should note that the film creators were very worried:

"The film show in our native city was more worrying for us than in other cities. Maybe because there are people here who we know and who know us. Their evaluation is especially important and I was afraid of it most of all. When, after watching, people just started coming up and silently shaking hands, I realized it was in the "top ten"", says Victoriya Simkina. 

Reminding that before Chronicle of "Black Tulip" has already been presented at the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkmenistan, Odesa and Kyiv. Film show is planned in other cities.

Union People's Memory and "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission express their enormous gratitude to Victoriya Samoylenko (Head of the Center for Assistance to the ATO Soldiers and Their Families), Olexandr Kurepin (Director of Olimp Cinema), as well as to everybody who helped with organizing and holding the film show in of Kryvyi Rih City!