One more deceased came back home

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"Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission continues its work.

22nd Jun 2017, Kryvyi Rih group of volunteers of "Black Tulip" helped to deliver the body of the deceased Maxim Bachinskiy from the morgue of Vilnohirsk town to Dnipro his native city.  

17th Jun a former serviceman of the ATO was сoming back home by train Odessa-Kostiantynivka. But he did not. His body was found mutilated on the railroad haul Vilnohirsk-Verkhivtseve in Dubovo village...     

"Tulip" was asked for help by the fellow soldier and sworn brother of the deceased. Along with Maxim he fought in the 25th airborne brigade. With the volunteers the man met in 2014 when Humanitarian Mission made a regular trip to the conflict zone.

So when help was needed a soldier contacted "Black Tulip".

The volunteers in the morgue of Vilnohirsk were met by the father, friend and fellow soldier of deceased Maxim. Together they brought the body of the deceased  home.