Representatives of the Swiss Embassy at the base of "Black Tulip"

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Last week, Sloviansk group of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission met with the representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.

The Swiss arrived at the town of Sloviansk to get acquainted with the volunteers, as well as to see the way the group conducts the work on search of the soldiers deceased in the modern war. 

The volunteers acquainted the guests with the specifics of the work: they explained the way of search conduct using the example of earlier examined locations, showed what instruments and tools were used during the works.                   

Together, the volunteers and the Swiss examined the work locations in Sloviansk and Krasnyi Lyman Districts. The group showed the embassy representatives the territories on which works had already been carried out, as well as those where they were only planned. At the moment there is no access to some of them because after the armed hostilities, deminers didn't check yet the locations on the presence of explosive objects.    

About what a big role in the work of "Black Tulip" plays the communication with people, the guests were told by Olexiy Yukov, Head of Sloviansk group.   

"One of the main things in the work is communication with the locals. It's not easy, because each of them reacts to us and to what is happening in his own way. They survived the war, they were its eyewitnesses ... It's hard for them to recall. And it's often not easy for us to question them... "               

Olexiy also told the guests about the current work:

"At the moment we are engaged in maps: we mark on the map the points of locations which we'll work in the near future. These are both chekpoints and cemeteries ... in general there are ten places to be checked. Also, we are engaged in the check of eyewitnesses’ information. The information comes constantly and it is necessary to check it. Some of people saw the deceased being buried, someone buried them ... But, again, not everywhere we have access. Either the location is still not checked by deminers, or there is no agreement for conducting search", says Mr Yukov.              

We remind that Slоviansk  group of  "Black Tulip" is constantly at the main base of Humanitarian Mission. Almost every day, the searchers investigate and check the territories on availability of bodies of those deceased during the war.

If you're aware of the burial sites of those deceased during the events in Donbas in 2014-2017, report "Black Tulip" Hotline - 0-800-210-135.  

We'll help to return the deceased home!


The mission is implemented with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross