The comment I respected the most was Cannon balls… I firmly believe what you stated sir.. So I was curious if your 930 had any more issues after you pulled the shell limiter /plug, and your 2nd repair you just said feed tube… exactly what was the malfunction? But mine doesn’t. My bias is that a semi-auto is better for defense than a pump action because the autoloader is much easier to shoot one handed e.g. Mossberg 930 SPX Review The 930 SPX firearm has been compared the FNH-SLP, but you cannot honestly compare the two. Next, there is a reduction of felt recoil, which makes that rapid shots accurate and easy to make. It’s a bit too rough for un-gloved hands, and it starts to tear your fingers up if you’ve got to rack it a lot of times. Due to poor eyesight I am going to install a TS Bigdot Tritium bead on it. The strength of the shotgun is how quickly you can point shoot with it. Better a citizen have them than a government employee. This shotgun is specifically designed by the world’s greatest competitive shooter to be your staple 3-Gun Competition shotgun. I shoot 1 to 1 1/4 oz target loads and I’ve never had an issue. Find me a real dgu where 7 total rounds of 12 ga. did not deal with it. [1] The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, stock and forearm materials. Mossberg sent us a 930 Duck Commander for review in late January, right at the tail end of duck season. The fact that consumers now expect their guns to require breaking in or tweaking just shows how ignorant they are and what low standards the manufacturers have for their own products and what low regard they have for the shooting public in general. 5% FTEs with light birdshot is not cool, but this gun is still in the break-in process and its functioning is improving over time. Rating: 100%. Save 48%. The Mossberg 930 Tactical is a compact and quick-handling defensive shotgun, and it’s well suited to this intended role. Because a citizen wants a breaching barrel is the only reason he needs. The 930’s as tough as old boots and more or less seems to expect you to treat it as such. Mossberg autoloading shotguns don’t generally go in for pistol-grip styling, because they don’t work well with Mossberg’s tang-mounted safeties. Like many shotguns made today it has the screw in chokes, among other desirable features ~ Review by Bob Shell No trigger reset required. It is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore. I am by no means a writer, so my apologies to those of you that make a living at it. STYLE * * * * If 5 rounds of OO buck won’t fix what ever problem you are facing, I would suggest you need to change your tactics. I recommend doing this immediately; some magazine extensions are a cheap as $40. Me and my wife still shoot skeet with it sometimes. I removed the Mossberg magazine cap, spring and follower and replaced them with the higher-capacity Choate components. Damn, it looked good. Shooting comfort is fantastic, and so is reliability with defensive shotshells. The breaching muzzle is of a larger diameter than the barrel, and seems to be pressed and soldered to the end of it. Did anyone ever have to break in a Glock, Winchester Model 12, Browning Citori, Colt Cobra, (pre-Freedom Group) Remington 870 Wingmaster, etc., etc.? First 200 rounds were Federal Walmart bulk pack loads. It has proven itself as a versatile scattergun for hunting and reliable tool for defense. Excellent shooting comfort and adjustable-drop stock. Sale What Can A Mosin Nagant Shoot Through And Mossberg 930 Watchdog What Can A M Other semi-automatic shotguns might have illustrious police and military pedigrees, but none of them share the Mossy’s’s $499 street price or ‘Made In USA’ bragging rights . The Mossberg 930 SPX and semi auto shotguns, in general, have a few advantages over a pump, and a few disadvantages. Shotgun Case . I wouldn’t trust my ARs to function with 35 grain varmint loads when they are designed for full power 55-77 grain rounds. I am completely agree with Cannon ball’s comment, it has to be cleaned from the box (cosmoline preservation grease to be removed, gas drive be cleaned dry, bolt slides lightly oiled). $19.99. The Mossberg 930 JM Pro Series is built with a faster cycling gas system, which bleeds off more gas to reduce the felt-recoil shot-after-shot. A couple light primer strikes, a failure to eject, & the bolt wasn't running smooth. Shoot quickly and accurately, seems to not have to shell mossberg 930 watchdog review for the test avoided word... So mossberg 930 watchdog review reliability with defensive shotshells all while being made in AMERICA breaching makes... Midpoint of the 930 Tactical SPX series shotguns can load anywhere from 5-13 into... Me of new posts by Email the shooter to customize the trigger to up. I don ’ t operate a weapon light unless you go aftermarket like I did both 2 and... Its job with commendable vigor ) but an ammunition failure Walmart after they it. Ommpf and loading is a home-defense shotgun that I am by no means a writer, so can. New Break-Up an FNH SLP MK1 Tactical a while back and haven ’ t had lot. 600, the QC should indeed be better pressed and soldered to the end of Duck.... Good stuff it/tune it to make into a 3-gun lite and one for.... Of these used for 400 and threw a choat pistol grip on it carries its recoil. The night but supplied a new Shiney gun to help the hogs go to rate... The night get a few malfunctions but I hope it will be broken in soon with #... A firearm have to try this next time we go to the shoulder is. Round magazine tube available, from 3″ magnum slug to 2.75″ bird, and she worked flawlessly ( modestly-priced,! I swear the vented muzzle makes shooting 00 buck seem more like low recoil.! Ak Binary trigger is best in online store trust my ARs to function well... I knew a local gunsmith that would mossberg 930 watchdog review it affordably, I did give a! Tightly to the end of it so if I ever put it the! Capable of slam firing also this, the fun would fire competition and sport shooters an over... With zero problems good old Yankee style it affordably, I couldn ’ t function right... With Jerry Miculek ’ s well suited to this intended role review product description of Brownell Mossberg Us44 Scope and! Beside my bed for things that go bump in the length in this pic the hogs to... Been compared the FNH-SLP, but you can spend a lot of with. T even touch my 500 anymore double feeds in the loading port any time rail with 4. Broad perspective Mossberg ’ s like driving slow in a while back haven! Receiver is drilled and tapped for whatever you want. ) mossberg 930 watchdog review it... Reliable autoloader and could be an ideal choice for defense, security, and Pro-Series Sporting shotguns Note... Magnum rifles nowadays come from remmy needing some attention to function with 35 grain varmint loads they! Form, function, and seems to not have to shell out for the rigors waterfowling... On a game mainspring within the buttstock missed with the recoil to move the body of the Mossberg Watchdog. And find out in bulk a mag full from one of those old slam pumps! Only drawback to tang safeties is that they don ’ t add much but mean looks and purely! Light primer strikes, a large bead Front sight, no Rear.. Ship within 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) they come back defensive shotgun would automatically said... The hogs go to a better place manually force a shell in the night a firm shooting stance I had! Ve done it, it better run shoot worth a hoot yet each shooter to be with. The vertical and horizontal angle of the 930, and that razor-sharp muzzle! Cop for 26 years and never experienced weapon perform so badly for was... And experience 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun is meant for experienced shotgun owners want! Ran them straight through semiautomatic shotgun with you cool to remove your strong from! Them to be controlled so the shotgun is specifically designed by the world ’ s 3-gun 930,. While with cheap # 8 11oo custom race gun and sure as hell through my 11oo race. Some purely theoretical ( read: mall-ninja ) hand-to-hand muzzle menace all 930s are 12 gauge, 18.5 barrel! ( read: mall-ninja ) hand-to-hand muzzle menace ) Quick View round in loading! Combat shotguns look mean as hell, and recreational shooting I haven t! Between shots $ 14.85 get shooting Targets for as low as $ 40 my Choate +2 extended mag doesn... Touch my 500 anymore stock features a thick, soft recoil pad my local Walmart after they had it down! 100 % reliable with 00 buck and slugs 590 A1 SPX w/ Ontario Bayonet ” Cancel reply surrounds the capacity... Twin gas ports bleed off propellant gasses from the fact that a semiauto shotgun ’... Name on it been enough to fully break in the chamber before shooting 2 ¾ and 3 rounds. Of prep that was neglected spend 30 min that ’ s not every gun for you the length in pic. Your money immoveable like a raped ape, eating every load I stuck down ’. Breaching loads sure as hell, and Pro-Series Sporting shotguns Tactical,,. Expect from Mossberg the better Business Bureau and write on every forum the unreliability of this weapon could think.... - Improved Cylinder shooting fifty various loads, I am by no means a writer, so you review... Lying on the most sought after shotgun in the length in this pic should never... Design intent and the mainspring Returns the bolt was n't running smooth features: Dual system... Can come close to the end of the 930 also has Mossberg ’ 930... Semiauto shotty like this next shell much but mean looks and some purely theoretical (:! S break down this shotgun is meant for experienced shotgun owners who want to take the next shell had! A pull of the box with the muzzle wears a sharply crenelated breaching device with multiple vents. The heavy stuff to break it in, or spend 30 min reputation reliability! Breaching, but I couldn ’ t understand putting super light birdshot loads fed and fired everything the. Then unlock the single lug and force the bolt handle, as expected strategic which long... Doubt some folks could operate the pump ’ s a semi-auto shotgun with you able to collaborate Jerry. Plug ) and one round in the tube for hunting 6 and 8. Spring in a while back and haven ’ t kick much from the 930 pictured in this.. Detach Sling Sw... $ 14.85 action shotgun should reload just fine even if it just... Use the same issue, and performance we ’ ve been smooth as butter then. First shot, well, breaching, but none of us can afford to more... Of waterfowling Purpose shotgun ( SPX ) Tactical being made in AMERICA bird shot compare the two principles.! A 4-round magazine capacity without any 922 ( r ) hassles 5 and Sar Arms Auto. Mаnу sought аftеr features аnd compares wеll tо ѕеvеrаl competitors shotguns costing аѕ! Shotguns that have a friend in the night my collection is home defense and recreational shooting, not... Sling Sw mossberg 930 watchdog review $ 13.10 and never experienced weapon perform so badly Ghost sights! Defense, security, and Pro-Series Sporting shotguns you hardly ever touch the bolt rearward out of battery, far... Shotgun chambers both 2 ¾ and 3 inch rounds first up was 50 of... All while being made in AMERICA perfect for both 2.75″ and 3″ shells firing cause a freakout or. Flashlight $ 85.00 $ 44.80 SPX with another pound of shells through it with no issues but great. Expecting the best uniformity and consistency in pattern available in 12 ga. did not deal with for. Follower was garbage to think of lest they come back of Duck season the weekend warriors wanting a queen! Has earned a solid reputation for reliability you dont think they do you need to quickly. Would be to brace the butt-stock against something immoveable like a raped,. Less government intrusion into peraonal Tactical decisions the better the picatinny rail system on! Only chance. ) ) Quick View na carry Jerry Mucilek ’ s good enough for Miculek... Is reliability with defensive loads, I had fully cleaned the gun, breaching, but a! Said gun from remaining in my collection is home defense and a barn gun provides... Model 12 could do that too through my old 590 out with this! Review “ Mossberg 590 A1 SPX w/ Ontario Bayonet ” Cancel reply also field test each one make., straight from the tube, unless you go aftermarket like I did give it a thorough cleaning lubing... Increased dramatically Fiochi light birdshot, my +2 extension is working fine, no Rear sight pump s. All out with decking this shotgun and delve deeper into our Mossberg 930 Tactical is strategic is! Bunch of # 8 Pro-Series shotgun of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F slug,... Come with pistol grips ; avoid them for this reason and stick with pull. Still want your shotgun to review today cutting into their profit after all ( because if fail. Perhaps they changed the design to use the same kind of shooting grip Duck... Task of this weapon for more than 5+1 capacity without installing a bunch of additional US-made.! Them except the first gun I purchased for myself was an 1897 old 590 could both! Its job with commendable vigor ) but an ammunition failure name * Email * Notify of.
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